Yea, ass, Prisoners should have the right to vote while they’re incarcerated. They don’t stop being human beings just cause they got scooped up by the state and given their intimate knowledge of our judicial system they have a very valuable point of view in need of representation.

@denikombucha yeah and what do opponents think would happen, someone campaigning in a prison? Please.

Though as soon as there's enough prisoners to swing an election look at incarceration go down.

@denikombucha i also think the voting age should track with the youngest person charged as an adult in the state justice system but that won't happen.

It'd be so nice for a bunch of 9th graders to vote out an aggressive DA or AG though


The voting age should be 16. If you're considered responsible enough to drive a car and enroll in pre-military training then you should be considered responsible enough to participate in electoral politics. Also given the youngest gen is the most likely to suffer the worst effects of climate decisions made by the older generations and how they've been affected by the defunding of public education they should be getting a say in who Sec of Energy and Education and head of EPA are.

One of the most jarring realizations of my (then) young life was when I was doing some GOTV door knocking in the late 90s and had A LOT of people tell me, "I can't register to vote, I'm a felon."

MT now allows returning citizens the vote, but plenty of states don't. Welcome to democracy American-style 😕


The link to Slave Labor and electoral politics has always been airtight.

you are so full of the truth over here, every post of yours i want to go say right on to.


You’re too sweet💕. Folks forget violent offenders like Serial killers n Bombers n shit makeup like .5% of our prison population. The vast majority are low level non violent offenders like ppl suffering addiction and hyper criminalized traffic violations they can’t afford.

I can't stand that attitude, when people act like others are bad people inside because of getting in trouble.

How do they not see the prison industry has a huge power base, more privatization all the time, and the usa has way higher proportions of prisoners than anyone else?

The kind of person that thinks that way would probably not care if the prisons are filled with violent offenders or drug law offenders anyways.
#PrisonAbolition #voting #justice

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