I’m glad meritocratic Capitalism is doing something completely normal again.

@denikombucha happened to me on an american airlines flight out of LAX

they did NOT let me opt out during boarding.

some context:


@paranoid @denikombucha "In addition to infants and parents carrying infants, the system struggled with numerous passengers who were not white. One African-American woman wasn’t recognized until her face nearly filled the screen. At that point, the contrast of the camera finally adjusted to focus on her features and she was approved.

The system also struggled with people wearing hats and some passengers wearing large glasses. Some tall passengers needed to get so close to the screen that they had to squat a bit to have their face in the frame."

It's both creepy AND racist.

@paranoid @denikombucha "An American Airlines agent was quick to point out that AA doesn’t store any photos. Instead, the camera feed ties directly into a CBP database which makes the match and sends back the passenger’s information. From my observations, it seems that AA’s boarding system only receives the same information that it’d get from scanning a boarding pass barcode."

FWIW this is pretty typical customs stuff. The US is actually unusual in not having an immigration check (with photo) on the way out as well as on the way in.

But I mean also, abolish borders.

@ElectricAsherah @denikombucha

It is not unusual in a lot of countries (finger print AND photo in Argentina always skeeves me out); it's the fact that this was introduced w/o any commotion that gets to me

There was a period after the prism scandal where it seemed like no new surveillance would escape major press coverage and attention

@ElectricAsherah @denikombucha

Encountering the photo scanner at the airport made me realize how much media coverage is only about 45 now and stuff like this is just humming along quietly in the background

@denikombucha get used to it because it's going to be the norm.... :(

@denikombucha as if the environmental impacts weren’t enough of a reason to stop flying...

i’m very glad that i decided the last plane i was on would be the final plane i would ever be on


I’m just gonna hitch a ride in a basket 🧺 tied to 50000 helium balloons like the old man in “Up”

@denikombucha This is inherently insecure. There are a lot of people that look exactly alike and aren't even related. It's not common, but there are a lot of people that look close enough to each other to fool facial recognition software.

@denikombucha from existing holdings??? I know this shouldn't surprise me because we live in a surveillance state but yowza


The US is a premium dumpster fire but Privacy rights, tech monopolization, and mass surveillance is a global problem which needs to be confronted along side US Imperialism.

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