Y’all while the movement for tuition free college along w raising the minimum wage gains more & more momentum, you’re going to start seeing a new push for ‘mandatory military service.’ The MIC isn’t going to let their pool of guaranteed labor go that easily.

@denikombucha Fortunately, that one's relatively easy to fight: just remind everyone that that's called "the draft", because it's absurdly unpopular (something like 10-15% if I remember correctly). Suggesting that we reinstate the draft has killed more than one candidacy.

@denikombucha (and you're right that better social support networks are a threat to the MIC; when Seattle instituted a $15 minimum wage, military recruitment fell through the floor, and that's just the formal military.)


They kno this that’s y they’re not calling it ‘the draft’ and are using carefully worded messaging like ‘mandatory service’ and linking it to things like masculinity and character building. They’re actually using similar strategies that built the culture and guaranteed labor force for the NFL.

@noelle @denikombucha Maybe. But there are plenty of countries with mandatory military service.

@_emacsomancer @denikombucha And we're talking about US politics, where "well, other countries do it" doesn't seem to have much effect on anybody.

@noelle @denikombucha Maybe not for good things, but I worry about the not so good things.

@_emacsomancer @noelle

The US is not ‘every other country’ it has the largest military in history, larger than the next top 10 militaries combined, with over 1000 occupying bases around the world.

@denikombucha @noelle Which would speak for a 'need' for continued sources of warm bodies, re-inforcing the original worry.

@_emacsomancer @noelle

Which is why the MIC should never again be given that gov enforced ‘right’ to our bodies.

@denikombucha @noelle Not disagreeing, but they also shouldn't have rights to as many resources as they have more generally. But you don't hear a lot of politicians talking about reducing armed forces resources, and so it's not hard to imagine support for mandatory military service.

@_emacsomancer @noelle

The thing is they garner support and funding for those resources under the guise of ‘supporting our troops.’ If they presented their spending proposal as ‘let’s pay troops 8k a year then cut their entitlements post service so we can give 80 trill to 2 contractor companies’ that wouldn’t go ever as easily.

@denikombucha @noelle There should certainly be more restrictions on government contracting generally.

I'm not convinced at least present-day democracies are easily able to move beyond sound-byte-type 'arguments' like "support the troops" and "Bernie supporters just want stuff for free".

I'm concerned a 'service' approach that didn't focus (exclusively) on military (but of course would have perks for those who chose that option) could gain traction. A lot of the liberal opposition to draft vanishes in the face of 'community building.'

@noelle @denikombucha
Recall 'teach for n years to have student debt removed' was very popular, although in the end those who participated were largely cheated out of their debt removal.

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