This is horrific & not getting anywhere near the attention it deserves.

-For companies like Activision Blizzard, Ovia offers its services as a way to lower medical costs and increase productivity. -

"I want them to have a healthy baby because it's great for our business experience," Ezzard said. "Rather than having a baby who's in the neonatal ICU, where she's not able to focus much on work."

@denikombucha I worked for 6 years for a different division of the parent company, and I wish I could say I found this surprising, but I can't. They're a company that regularly posts close to billion dollar profits, had record profits last year, and then promptly laid off 40% of their workforce. Just total scum.


they've also been lowering salaries and eliminating stock options and various employee incentives employees used to enjoy 6-7 years ago.

@denikombucha yeah. the stock options were never that good, but they used to do up to 15% retirement savings matching, which was super valuable, and that's gone now too.


Its absolutely rancid, fuck Blizzard and fuck their lameass games.

@denikombucha it's really too bad. blizzard as a studio was quite good for a long time. really enjoyed working with the devs there. it's just Activision as a parent company that is toxic as hell and ruins everything they touch. feel super bad for people who have built their careers there and now are totally stuck, since EA's totally failboated their whole business too. videogames as an industry is just the worst.


its horrifying, and there needs to be a mass class action against this shit. They already have a huge paygap between men and women so saying this is all 'voluntary' by paying women 1 fucking dollar a day(an extra 360 a year🙄 )to make sure their biology isn't going to cause any problems for the company or to help target women with a history of pregnancy concerns to fire them is beyond repugnant. Fuck that studio and fuck their lameass games.

@denikombucha @sourcookie holy shit i know this is the future of consulting with all of the 23andme/data collection stuff going on but seeing it emerge in this particular way is just, repulsive.

@Jewbacchus @sourcookie

yeah its terrifying and is a precursor to various eugenics practices we saw coming out in the 20's-60's

@Jewbacchus @denikombucha it really is. thankfully haven’t come across this in e-commerce tech but shit. i once found out what a coworker was making and he and i did the exact same work (fucking consulting and gender gap). and these are fake numbers but i was essentially making 60 and him 90 a year. i def sat in my car and cried for a while. not good, very demeaning. so bringing health and bio into this just makes it worse ten fold. it gets my blood boiling.

@sourcookie @Jewbacchus

its a sexist aspect of class war. They don't make you wearing women's tracking collars, they just continue to pay you so little they make you put it on yourself.

@sourcookie @denikombucha i also worry how much more this is going to embed the health insurance companies into our daily work life, since those companies definitely have the lead on this horrifying kind of actuarial work.

@Jewbacchus @sourcookie

since the majority of ppl healthcare comes from their employment their access to both is going to be more and more controlled by the CEO's of their company.

@denikombucha @sourcookie want the good healthcare? this company's TOS means we get all of your data including your last 20 miscarriages. Want to protect your privacy? Okay we have one option, we garnish half your wages and get a CVS card.

@Jewbacchus @sourcookie

Yup, you're also going to see more and more incredibly racist practices. Black women have a mother infant mortality rate 3x higher than white women, so they're likely to either be pushed harder into that program or just denied employment all together.

@denikombucha @Jewbacchus all these women full time direct hires? bc i barely have insurance n i bet that shit is applying pressure to an already shit situation.

@garbados How is trying to help women avoid having premature babies or have to pay for fertility treatments "horrific"?

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