Deep in our heart of hearts we always knew this was the case.

@denikombucha haha this thread reminds me of my favourite Dilbert comic.

@denikombucha @SanfordianPhil honestly, sometimes talking about Phil's job in discord is like an episode of General Hospital or something

@SanfordianPhil @denikombucha mmmhmmm
*chasing down payments
*bitey boys


@denikombucha i know way too many people who would lick up elon musk's toilet seat, just to get a taste of his genius.

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Many school districts in the US become obsessed with data on every student. And this can result in tons of extra hours being put in for nothing of actual help or benefit to the Student.

Correspondingly, I know Teachers that just make up the numbers based on the Student's performance in the classroom.

No one actually looks at that data and Teachers already have to devote huge amounts of time outside work to grading, lesson planning, etc.


That’s usually what happens when u hold funding over ppls heads & throw a sharp stick in between them.


Even some of the cheating scandals are due to that.

In some school districts, Teachers and other officials have been found changing the answers on standardized tests. Why?

1. Because their jobs are on the line. Moral integrity can be blurry when housing and food are thrown into the question.

2. The State believes that all Students should be performing at the same level regardless of prior education, home life, and tons of other variables (continued)


Like here's two extreme scenarios.

Teacher A has students who come from a well-off neighborhood who have had good schools, well-educated parents, and the students have never really experienced barriers or hardship. Teacher A can be mediocre and just reading out of the textbook but will still look good on those standardized tests.



Teacher B has students who come from low-income situations, some may even be staying in homeless shelters, the parents may be poorly educated or don't know English well, and the students face tons of hardships on a daily basis that Teacher A's students never do

So even if Teacher B went above and beyond and put every core fiber of their being into doing the best they can to educate their students, Teacher B would likely still be labeled "under-performing" on those standard tests


Yeah I'm very aware of our fucked up education system. My mom was a special education teacher. The two tier education system is rancid.

@denikombucha metrics don't matter outside of having something to measure and justify empire building


I never read that, but if it involves mediocre white dudes hoovering the farts out of richer mediocre white dudes sphincters, then yes it’s very much like that.

@denikombucha The whole book centers on spoofing everything to do with intergalactic politics. In that universe the president of the universe had one sole purpose, to distract the people from who really was running things.
Which happened to be some senile old man alone on his own planet who had not clue one what these visitors were talking about and said anything to make them go away.

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