How sad does your life have to be that you have to review bomb a film you haven’t even seen yet because it stars a women.

And these same fools cry about not being able to find someone that wants to date them.



ugghhh y these fools always make me have to defend a movie I thought was dumb in the first place😩

@denikombucha Right? Like as a film, it's alright, but now I have to stand up for it being mediocre? Because that's ok?

It's a weird space.


hate when these herbs keep putting me in these awkward situations. Like, I KNOW Disney is capitalizing on marketable identities and commodifying social justice, but you dickheads are making me go to BAT for them now? Unforgivable.

@denikombucha I feel you. And they absolutely are, but it's strange how the ANGRY WHITE GUY BRIGADE™ is so upset by the switch.

Which is telling because it's really not about the money and working hard to get ahead and all the other bullshit lies white people tell.

They're really upset because we're just tired of their stale stories and narratives where they always have to be the Good Guy.


ugh go watch some 80's Mad Max or Escape from NY or something


Lol enjoy sharin a movie theater with Craig n Bradly then😭

@Are0h @denikombucha
My favorites 'winners' are the ones who try to mask their bigotry with 'I-I-I JUST CARE ABOUT THE CANON!'

Like motherfucker you heard about this movie at the SAME TIME as anyone else. Nobody's buying your shit.

@somarasu @denikombucha *looks dead into the camera with a crooked grin*

And she's not gonna fuck you because you know all the lore, bro.

@Are0h @denikombucha

Complete, objective, relatable fact.

Lore doesn't get you laid.

@somarasu @Are0h

If they gave a shit about canon they'd be asking when we getting a Rogue redemption movie since that girl mirked Marvel's powers💅🏽

@denikombucha @somarasu That and that BULLSHIT ASS DARK PHOENIX SHIT THEY PULLED IN XMEN 3.

I will never forgive them for that. IT'S THE GOT DAMN DARK PHOENIX YO!!

@Are0h @somarasu

They were never gonna do the Dark Pheonix or Messiah Complex right

@denikombucha @somarasu You're right and I'm offended they even tried to pass that non-sense off as an attempt.

We should have burnt that whole thing to the ground off the top...

@denikombucha @Are0h
*slinks to the back b/c they're not super into X-Men*

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