The most dire health consequences of Capitalism and a private insurer system are suffered by the marginalized. You cannot refuse to fight for universal coverage and claim to be fighting for the poor, Black, Brown, Indigenous, Disabled, & Immigrants. Vulnerable folx are dying for your right to refuse to risk your political career and access to the powerful.

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@denikombucha universal healthcare is necessary. universal healthcare is possible. it can deliver good health outcomes to all if properly ran and funded. universal healthcare is compatible with social democracy and all forms of socialism. there's no excuse. we have the power to demand it. let's go for it.

@denikombucha I'm with you on this and following, but I think Warren is a Medicare for All supporter! And when she introduced the legislation (better ACA) in that article she was still cosponsoring (and continues to) M4All bills. She said this bill was a stopgap so people would suffer less while we fought the M4All battle.

Not sure that's a good strategy, but I think she's an ally on this.

I gotta disagree. The argument isnā€™t whether or not sheā€™s pro M4A. The argument is is she gonna fight tooth n nail for it. Is she gonna remove the filibuster for it? Is she gonna call out fellow dems who are against it? Is she going to take on Nancy Pelosi, Sherrod Brown, Chuck Schumer, Steny Hoyer etc? Because thatā€™s what passing this is going to call for and I donā€™t think she takes it quite THAT seriously.

@denikombucha Ah, yeah. I don't know if she will and we absolutely need that.

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