Confiscate landlords' & real estate barons' property. Institute a maximum wage.

@denikombucha Imagine if, across the world, it was declared "You live in a property? You own it now. Empty properties? That's social housing stock now. Fuck you, landlords."

That’s what we should all be fighting for ✊🏽🤟🏽

@denikombucha Absolutely! It's one of the things I find really interesting to think about, because it seems a heck of a lot more realistic than fully automated luxury space communism now, or whatever.

Like, I couldn't tell you what I'd want the revolution to look like, but everyone having their own home is something I can wrap my brain around and see the immediate benefits of, without having to convince folks that we need to topple the government or whatever.

@denikombucha i prefer abolition of the wage system. also, those people don't get paid in wages.

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