....I just wanted to comment on "Why not get a single program subscription instead of the whole Master Suite"
Then I reread and WTF

@denikombucha Is there a link to an Adobe webpage speaking about that price increase?

@denikombucha im studying graphic design and i fucking hate adobe i hope it collapses and dies and that photoshop is made the common property of humanity and distributed freely

@denikombucha probably at least two more years the time for your package to be over

@denikombucha how much longer until we realise that the only weapon we've got against that is free software

@denikombucha It'll keep going on until they stop making money on it.

That's exactly what it is. Utter bullshit. Left them long ago. #bye


They'll do it as long as they can ... the feeling is that there's no real alternatives. ... si people keep paying the AdobeTAX

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