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I’ve wondered from a legal standpoint how the courts would handle instances of Racism as Defamation/Libel suits as well as a violation of Civil Rights 🤔. Slurs are falsely attacking a marginalized individual’s reputation, character, and career opportunities by linking them to violence, ignorance, and or promiscuity etc. At least for instances of racism targeted at an individual that would be something interesting to explore and Im curious about the legal precedent it would set🤔

I kno we’ll never actually have this discussion, because the Fedi has an aneurysm every time, but Anti-Blackness is the most widely acceptable and prevalent form of bigotry in the PoC community. That’s just a reality.

Brazil is a majority Black Country being ruled by a straight up old school Military Fascist and open White Supremacist. So miss me ENTIRELY with that racism is a product of ignorance or this myth of PoC solidarity bullshit. Bye 👋🏽

Can somebody PLEASE tell me what the red gears that you can collect are?? What do they do??

Feel like I should tell babe I’m withdrawing rn but they’ll just want to go home right tf now 👀. I had a pretty harsh fall down unconscious withdrawal a couple years ago that traumatized them a bit I think. That’s not happening rn but I don’t wanna worry them, I also don’t wanna be lying either. Iunno 😑

Can we re-tire “Woke”? non Black folks have just miss-pillaged the fuck outta it😑😑😑. It’s like the etymology is 98 yrs young and on a respirator with a barrage of pale feet kicking its poor lil dying body.

Oh goddamnit I forgot to take my meds 🤦🏽‍♀️. Hello see saw brain my old friend 😭

mega lewd 

mega lewd 

If the original Ocean dubs aren’t in the DBZ game I ain’t playing. You will not erase the dude responsible for the original “Over 9000” 😤

It’s wild how many of these speeches are carbon copies of Andrew Jackson’s, Lincoln’s, Goldwater’s etc. None of this is new.

Be dope if there was at least one ☝🏽 Israeli leader not campaigning on a platform of mass genocide, indigenous extinction, and child torture.

Venezuela has undergone 6 violent imperialist coup attempts all while enduring sanctions that caused 47,000 deaths of innocents citizens.

China is the US Empire’s biggest trading partner rn.

These two are not the same, fam.

Red Nacho come baaaaaaaacccckkkk 😭🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

If ur saying Black folks pointing out ur privileged blind spots is “Letting the Whites win” please remove your anti-Black ass from my sight eternally. Hope y’all see this cuz I’m saying it as hard as I can.

Just me, but I kno if I was the only thing polling worse than 45 I’d shut the fuck up. That’s just me tho.

Do they think them reconciling will bring about the rapture🤨??

I will never, NEVAHR, understand white america’s drooling obsession with Brad Pitt & Jennifer Anniston.

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