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Take my bone marrow, take the pussy too, my other kidney, whatever u need to make it to that debate stage, daddi.

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Here are some useful resources to know, protect, or educate you or loved ones on your legal rights while traveling (available in multiple languages.) This will NOT🙅🏽‍♀️ prevent officers from acting illegally so be cautious/prepared.

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New home new intro 🕶:
-My name is Deni, former Bombass Ambassador of .Art🖼
-I do art good for games to do a capitalisms
-An-Com🏴 anger maker
-Abuse survivor
-Neglected owner of an uninterested cat
-Unionist and intersectional workers´ rights advocate.

The criminal US financial blockade on Venezuela risks the lives of Venezuelan children that received transplants in Argentina thanks to the support of PDVSA. It has been impossible to transfer resources so that they can continue their treatments. #TrumpUnblockVenezuela

this is gonna be mint and brim when the character creator gets updated (hopefully tomorrow)

for those wondering how to establish trade relations with crows:

- feed crows food A regularly
- when crows decide to bring you gifts, feed them food B
- when crows bring you different categories of gifts, feed them a food-per-category, ex: food C for jewelry, food D for paper money, etc
- crows will recognize these exchange patterns and opt to bring you things in order to acquire desired treats

good luck! 🐦

Cuba's @BrunoRguezP has condemned US intervention in his country, Venezuela and Nicaragua. He was speaking in Havana at a meeting of the leftist ALBA coalition.

one of these peeps is not like the others.......

The European Union's parliamentary elections, is set to take place between May 23rd and 26th.

Parties are wrapping up their campaigns, with the threat of the far-right making big gains in the continent.

I'm with Anita Hill on this one. I think it's pretty clear that electing white guys is probably the wrong thing to do.

And now white people want to redefine sexual assault and incest, making it very clear yet again that America's issues center around their resistance to reason, logic and common sense.

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“In at least one warehouse, said an employee, workers have used high achievement on the games to push managers to reward them with extra Swag Bucks, a proprietary currency that can be used to buy Amazon-logo stickers, apparel or other goods.”

Female-voiced tech often gives submissive responses to queries, Unesco report finds Assigning female genders to digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa is helping entrench harmful gender biases, according to a UN agency. Research released by Unesco claims that the often submissive and flirty responses offered by the systems to many queries – including outright abusive ones – reinforce ideas of women as subservient. Continue reading... Show more

this is more success than I expected, lol. this is loading not knowing what kind of 'service' is underneath. I'm working to have parity with microsub/micropub systems as well as mastodon

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