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New home new intro 🕶:
-My name is Deni, former Bombass Ambassador of .Art🖼
-I do art good for games to do a capitalisms
-An-Com🏴 anger maker
-Abuse survivor
-Neglected owner of an uninterested cat
-Unionist and intersectional workers´ rights advocate.

Never forget what utter exploitative trash Marvel is regardless of how they want to market themselves.

Joe Biden fr trying to hide his pervy caucasity behind a well respected influential Black woman. Ugh lord.

Help, I cannot stop snorting at "it's a car in a very small tunnel"

Damn conservatives are incestuous Show more

Damn conservatives are incestuous Show more

As promised, i give you my final entry for the 1st round of bjornament 2, sorry for the lack of other posts lately but been trying to focus on making the best i can with this illustration, i rarely do finished illustration so took quite alot out of me, but i learned alot and will do things differently next time. looking forward to the next round, win or lose. #art #mastoart #creativetoot

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Do I get to see a sis fuck an actual robot or is this another waste of my time?

my friend told me her stepmom said polkadots are childish and you should stop wearing them when you get too old

imagine being a Fucking Coward. Lmao.

NPR Code Switch - "On Strike! Blow It Up!"

"Fifty years ago a multi-racial coalition of students at a commuter college in San Francisco went on strike. And while their bloody, bitter standoff has been largely forgotten, it forever changed higher education in the United States."

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