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Here are some useful resources to know, protect, or educate you or loved ones on your legal rights while traveling (available in multiple languages.) This will NOT🙅🏽‍♀️ prevent officers from acting illegally so be cautious/prepared.

Htf they think One ☝🏽 fat model on a magazine cover is gonna make everyone get fat when 98.9% of every Fashion/Commercial model, actor, musician, music artist, entertainment celebrity, cartoon character, being underweight since the 20’s didn’t make 98.9% of the world skinny🤨??

@pbandkate Watson agrees and predicts treats in your future

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all the gamergaters in r/pcgaming talking about this article like it's some huge, massively disrespectful slight against gamers are really just snitching on themselves lmao

Big Mood

- Simon Amstell, "Set Free" (available on Netflix)

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might fuck around and devour my son because they may someday overthrow me

Today Mexicans celebrated their Independence Day with events planned all over the country. #VivaMexico #mexicoindependenceday

Heavily indebted, Tunisia's next government, like its last, will have to navigate popular demands to relax public purse strings while foreign lenders push for spending cuts.

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