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Here are some useful resources to know, protect, or educate you or loved ones on your legal rights while traveling (available in multiple languages.) This will NOT🙅🏽‍♀️ prevent officers from acting illegally so be cautious/prepared.

#PuertoRico's House of Representatives has enough votes to start the impeachment proceedings against Governor @ricardorossello , according to Rep. @juanoscar2020 Morales.

Exposing baby for sleeping on stinky shoes and also being too cute for words


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He's the newest addition to my wife's household! He was VERY shy at first (shook when being held, never made noise, constantly on edge) but he's now a rambunctious little rascal and we love him <3

#cats #cat

#LIVE | Syria's Foreign Minister: "We have to work together to face down interventionist plans, especially from the UN, we reject that the U.S. and the EU seek to impose their agenda in other nations such as Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Syria"

Social media samaritans are coming to the rescue of a Trinidadian native, Trevor James, who was arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (#ICE) officers despite being a Green Card holder.

David Bond commented on my blog post. I went off on him.

It’s funny how racists like to invoke MLK every time a PoC tries to talk about discrimination and racism.

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Today is the birthday of legendary anti-colonial theorist, #FrantzFanon.
His thinking continues to inspire leaders, activists, students, teachers and academics around the world.
Take a look at his legacy! #OnThisDayInBlackHistory

#Cuba witnessed the nation’s first transgender legal union this week when a couple was married at the Palace of Marriages of San Francisco de Paula in #Havana.

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