Spent a lot of the day trying to ignore JK Terfling's recent "here I am trying to stay relevant by demonizing trans women" reveal. Sadly, when you're in the witchcraft/astrology/general spirituality communities you can't avoid it

I'm a trans man working a net-negative job with a side single tarot draw ko-fi with very few clients, with 10 free readings for trans BIPOC clients that have not been claimed

Consider boosting or claiming a single draw reading via my ko-fi

I don't like boosting my side hustle this way, and I wish my current job didn't sit smack in the middle of my most productive hours so I could finish the virtual intuitive tarot course I enrolled in back in May.

Regardless, consider supporting the trans people on fedi, on birdsite, on IG, etc. that have to deal with this kind of bullshit scandal while also struggling to make ends meet.

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