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Right I forgot.

If anyone wants to directly support a trans masc dropping $10k on top surgery next month, you can drop me funds into my paypal or via venmo.

venmo: crookedtricking

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Part of the reason I made this account instead of going back to moderating is that, well, I haven't been there in several months and I can't seem to log back in.

But I also stifled myself reserving for ONLY witch stuff. And I'm not the owner of the instance, either, so I'm sure it's in good hands without me.

I'm gonna try to be more well-rounded here. Let's do our best.

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This account is more or less a reset from when I joined about a year ago.

Hi I'm Alistair, but to some people I'm just Crooked. I'm a trans man in Denver, CO with a love of various arts and a deeper love of lifting other artists as high as I can lift them.

I run competitive fighting game tournaments for anime games, Guilty Gear being my main one. And I also practice tarot and spellcrafting (witch circles are comfy for me).

Pleased to meet you all


So we should just expect Boris to develop an immunity because of herd dynamics, right?

What people are realizing is that a big threat as sickness is, the larger problem is incompetent leadership.

We should be further along than we are. And a big reason we are not is the greed of white men wanting to force skilled people to work to exploit the labor they can't do themselves.

We absolutely have the facilities to make sure everyone gets help.

As with most problems in America, we don't b/c white men benefit from keeping us in crisis.

Racism, COVID-19, venting. 

So in typical American fashion, hospitals are FIRING DOCTORS AND NURSES who talk about how they are not getting the equipment they need. LIKE IT'S NOT A GOT DAMN PANDEMIC GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

It's like the want people to die. This is so absurd.

I’m by no means saying that hurt that we experience as trans people should not be expressed, because that isn’t healthy.

And I know HOW we express is not always something we can control the perception of by others.

But can we try, as people, to at least do our best and admit when we react out of fear or pain to one another?

Sometimes we can’t take back how we hurt our own.

And especially now, when more of us are emboldened to be visible, the rest of the world sees how we treat one another.

I’m no saint - when I say I’ve done this recently I mean I pressed a friend this morning in hopes of unpacking some of their hurt together, and instead was seen as an enemy and blocked.

I pressed because I was uncomfortable. And that wasn’t right given the situation.

Some of us never get out of the cycle of defending who we are day in and out to cis people in our lives. When we bring that hurt in our own spaces, it breaks us down from inside our own communities. It’s a cycle.

This is gonna feel like a callout because I’ve been guilty of it in extremely recent times as well but:

For , can we as a community agree to pause before we challenge others within our community, for how they interact with transness, even if their interaction is hurtful or uncomfortable because it is rooted from pain?

Can we as a community, take more care with one another, not because any of us are soft or weak or whatever but because so many of us are conditioned to defend to survive?

No matter how much you push the envelope, it's still stationary

Anyways I've been playing World of Horror today and.

It's been kinda nice getting away from social media for a bit and play something different.

re: Witcher, pol, mental health 

Witcher, pol, mental health 

I’ve lost the concept of waking up in the morning.

Somehow I might end up working with vintage camera listings while shelter in place is in effect

Get the full download Thursday

Learned a good friend of mine in the Midwest also reads Tarot, but only the Celtic cross spread.

I'm more of a three cards or intuitive draw kinda guy, and I still look up card meanings in every reading.

Looks like I got a lot of studying to do.

There is a long US tradition of using crisis to make wealthy people wealthier. This is one way people build wealth in the States. Withholding basic necessities for the larger population is an American tradition. There's a reason we don't have national healthcare.

The part that's frustrating is that we see these massive expenditures to prop up failing industries, but barely a trickle for people in need.

Black folks know this more than most. This has been our reality from day one.

Our current situation with containing the spread of disease is a microcosm of the greatest American problem: the refusal to do what is right.

As with most problems in the States, we know what to do and how to fix challenges. As our current political carnival is showing, we just don't do it.

What's happening in the States isn't magic. It's the consequence of decades of flat out refusing to the sensible and reasonable thing for the sake of a handful of rich white people and their tokens.

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