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Right I forgot.

If anyone wants to directly support a trans masc dropping $10k on top surgery next month, you can drop me funds into my paypal or via venmo.

venmo: crookedtricking

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Part of the reason I made this account instead of going back to moderating is that, well, I haven't been there in several months and I can't seem to log back in.

But I also stifled myself reserving for ONLY witch stuff. And I'm not the owner of the instance, either, so I'm sure it's in good hands without me.

I'm gonna try to be more well-rounded here. Let's do our best.

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This account is more or less a reset from when I joined about a year ago.

Hi I'm Alistair, but to some people I'm just Crooked. I'm a trans man in Denver, CO with a love of various arts and a deeper love of lifting other artists as high as I can lift them.

I run competitive fighting game tournaments for anime games, Guilty Gear being my main one. And I also practice tarot and spellcrafting (witch circles are comfy for me).

Pleased to meet you all

I just got out of work an hour ago, at almost 12 hours.

I don’t know how or why I’m awake

One of the airtight packing machines broke down so we’ll see if we get out of here at 11:45pm or later tonight

I’m getting complimented on my very limited Spanish that I remember from high school but tbh.

I really need to study again so I understand more and can translate more of what our supervisors tell me.

Some of you think having leftist politics exempts you from basic human decency and it shows.

So uh.

A coworker of mine Tuesday was in a bad mood and raving about how she had found out two of our coworkers “didn’t have papers” and kept saying she was going to call ICE because “everyone speaking Spanish is illegal.”

So I reported her to our supervisor that day and I had the next day off.

She got fired on my day off.

Bye bitch.

If you are queer, or like neo-oldschool synthpop, or want to broaden your horizons with some really good queer neo-oldschool synthpop, well, consider this album thoroughly recommended by me:

One the one hand, I get kind of a gross feeling when I see the TikTok watermark on memes now.

On the other hand, Fedi is the safest way to see TikTok memes considering past and recent findings.

I'm not in the best of moods right now for personal reasons but staring the world directly in its face right now is necessary.

Respecting the dignity of human life means knowing there is more work to do, and not shying away from it because it's hard or uncomfortable.

Y'know what sucks?

The BLM protests are still happening with less media attention.

The Portland police are rioting and it's not being reported by media at large as people are being assaulted in the streets.

Another Black trans girl, Brayla Stone, was murdered in Little Rock, AR and she's being misgendered in the news while her alleged killer is bragging about making a 5K hit.

Schools should be places where kids can get food for free

*whisper voice* did u know....if ur a teacher you can just.....only assign books and essays available for free and reduce the effect of wealth disparity on ur students’ ability to learn?? wow cool stuff

I need to consecrate my ancestor altar in my new space.

haha oops, omw to work thoughts, ~ 

i would like for things to stop costing money thank u

Abolish Police
Abolish Prisons
and you've Abolished Slavery

birdsite, IG, ending cycles 

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