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Right I forgot.

If anyone wants to directly support a trans masc dropping $10k on top surgery next month, you can drop me funds into my paypal or via venmo.

venmo: crookedtricking

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Part of the reason I made this account instead of going back to moderating is that, well, I haven't been there in several months and I can't seem to log back in.

But I also stifled myself reserving for ONLY witch stuff. And I'm not the owner of the instance, either, so I'm sure it's in good hands without me.

I'm gonna try to be more well-rounded here. Let's do our best.

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This account is more or less a reset from when I joined about a year ago.

Hi I'm Alistair, but to some people I'm just Crooked. I'm a trans man in Denver, CO with a love of various arts and a deeper love of lifting other artists as high as I can lift them.

I run competitive fighting game tournaments for anime games, Guilty Gear being my main one. And I also practice tarot and spellcrafting (witch circles are comfy for me).

Pleased to meet you all

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"I cannot identify with those who still center the Black Latin American experience on 3A hair nor the non-Black and non-indigenous Latinx people terrified to go beyond colorism into their racism because that would mean admitting that their skin isn’t “light” — it is actually white as they are descendants of colonizers and European immigrants of blanqueamiento (whitening)."
D. Harris

RE: white supremacy, patriarchy 

Asking this on all of my social channels and would love feedback (boosts welcome)

What is the relationship between patriarchy and white supremacy?

Is it possible to be against the patriarchy and still enact white supremacy?

‪Today’s draw is the Three of Wands‬

‪From the Ophidia Rosa Tarot:‬

‪“With stems in a string,‬
‪Carry the Spring.”‬

‪In the minor arcana, the 3’s are action that moves us into the direction of a suit’s theme. In wands there is growth, so tend to your growth despite perceived setbacks.‬

Since it’s National Coffee Day, we should all buy someone a coffee on Ko-fi!

I’m up way too late but I left the Constellation Club.

Back to being in community locally solely while I self study, though a few friends are still around online outside of the CC.

We’ll see how many disappear as they realize I’m no longer in their coven.

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Today’s draw is Death

From the Ophidia Rosa Tarot:

“Shuffle off coils
That ground grand intentions.
We’re winged and weeded,
A pure mother of invention.”

What are you carrying that you can release? Grieving change is natural but don’t let it hinder your positive growth.

Next time you're outside, take a look at the clouds.

Started my day watching a Hades stream by a trans man I really appreciate and I dunno if he'll ever know how much I'm grateful he's streaming again.

I didn't sleep until after 4am but I think I'm doing better today.

I think.

The last tarot draw from @crookedtricking made this song play in my head, so I'm sharing it x ❤️
🎵 Fold - Choose Love 🎵

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Today’s draw is the Three of Cups

From the Ophidia Rosa Tarot:

“To love the other,
To flit, to fly, to flutter.”

With all the hatred, bitterness, and anger in the world right now, it is radical to love. Love isn’t passive - be present and thoughtful in how you share love, that it may enrich your life.

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