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Right I forgot.

If anyone wants to directly support a trans masc dropping $10k on top surgery next month, you can drop me funds into my paypal or via venmo.

venmo: crookedtricking

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Part of the reason I made this account instead of going back to moderating is that, well, I haven't been there in several months and I can't seem to log back in.

But I also stifled myself reserving for ONLY witch stuff. And I'm not the owner of the instance, either, so I'm sure it's in good hands without me.

I'm gonna try to be more well-rounded here. Let's do our best.

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This account is more or less a reset from when I joined about a year ago.

Hi I'm Alistair, but to some people I'm just Crooked. I'm a trans man in Denver, CO with a love of various arts and a deeper love of lifting other artists as high as I can lift them.

I run competitive fighting game tournaments for anime games, Guilty Gear being my main one. And I also practice tarot and spellcrafting (witch circles are comfy for me).

Pleased to meet you all

Debating how much more productive I would be if I didn’t have Netflix but also

Would I just end up playing more MajSoul?

Today I read a psychology degree holder assert “no one can have a different opinion without it being a personal attack.”

I fear for this person and their potential clients because that ideology isn’t healthy.

A social media channel widely used by Hong Kong protesters to share personal details of police officers and their families has been closed down.

Before its closure, the channel had more than 200,000 followers who had posted more than 4,200 pictures and videos of police officers and their families.

#China #HongKong

Yesterday: 19F degrees

Today: 60F degrees

If I didn’t live in Colorado, this would be worrisome.

@ArtistMarciaX punch Nazis, exile Nazis, expel Nazis, they can have their ✌🏽different opinions✌🏽 in Hell.

10:45 PM on 11/11 i might as well break the news to you all, there's no such thing as a veteran

Today The Pixie’s “Where is my mind” is an apt reflection of my toots

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if we all stand on one side of mastodon we flip it and unlock the dance floor

Yes, the work is hard, but that's the nature of change. Every inch gained and every little detail we figure out is a victory.

We are trying to do things that just haven't been done before.

It's just gonna be messy. And that's ok. That's how it is when you're doing a thing that's worth doing.

Think about it like this.

These bigots harass us because they want us to be afraid because they are TERRIFIED of us.

The fedi is changing because we're figuring out how to work together and they rely on us not making those connections.

There is the fedi that wants to emulate Birdland, FB, etc and I bear them no ill will.

But there is the fedi where we're building a whole new context brick by brick.

And it scares bigots b/c the rules they've become accustomed to aren't working anymore.

People who open up to new relationships, despite trauma, are braver than the troops.

Trying to be a MAN according to the ideals Western cultures have beaten into us will have you miserable and unmoisturized.

Nah, fam.

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