So it's been a bit over two months which means I'm going to move again (sorry!). I set up an instance through mastohost to post guinea pig pics and such and I want to put my main there, too, along with a couple friends. Since I'm paying for it I'll probably actually stick there! ;)

Come follow me at @boisdevache!

@GwenfarsGarden I had to Have Words with an acquaintance the other day who was being snarky about people using mobility scooters at the State Fair.

Her: "Those people didn't LOOK disabled, you know they're just lazy."
Me: I have a chronic pain condition. I can get around on a daily basis okay, but it's exhausting. With all of the walking at the fair, it could be a choice between using a scooter or not going at all. Is that lazy?"

To her credit, at least her response was horrified babbling.

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LB: I'm sure it's a flawed analogy but if you wouldn't open an email from a stranger with an attachment but no subject, don't complain about Content Warning rules

Content Warnings are not for "offensive content" (although offensive content should be under a CW)

they are for people to consent to the consent to reading/interacting with more Serious or Harmful topics

it's not self-censorship. it's providing the subject matter to folks before they engage with the content so they can choose to interact or disengage based on their well-being and other things

people in work debating the ethics of automated cars and if they have to make a trolley problem like decision and god people have so much faith in AI to actually solving the problem given. we're not going to have cars that decide to hit a pensioner over toddlers we're going to have cars that decide people in green cardigans deserve to die because of weird biases in the training data that no one is going to notice.

One of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes arcs is where Calvin is daydreaming about floating through space and ends up back in his room in time for his mom to ask if he's finished his homework. He answers, excitedly, "I've almost started."

All this to say I've been at work for an hour and I can't find any motivation.

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People with disabilities/chronic illness, are frequently questioned about their use of mobility aids. So I've written a short blogpost that explains that cars are mobility aids too

#CarsAreMobilityAidsToo #Accessibility #Disability #Abelism

Some days you just want to sleep with your feets out #guineapig

Have I set up accounts for my guinea pigs @jaq and @gusgus on their own instance? You bet your hay-chompin' teeth I did.


Hi everybody, my name is Jaq. I'm a five year old #guineapig and I like eating hay, eating snacks, very occasional snuggles, and hiding from the world.

Feel free to follow me for pictures and other piggie ponderings. Just don't try to pick me up!


Hi everybody! I'm Gus Gus, but my friends call me Gussy. My mumpig and dadpig call me Gussybum. I'm a five year old #guineapig and I like nose stripe pets, snacks, and running under the couch.

I'll probably post some pictures of myself and other updates. You know, human things. Feel free to pet me or give me treats!

In an earlier thread, I wrote briefly about trans people in medieval Europe, and discussed some of the main issues when studying the medieval history of trans people.

Today, if you'll indulge me, I want to spend some time discussing a single person in detail. I want to talk about the way she's been written about, and about her and what she can teach us about life as a trans person 600 years ago.

This is the story of Eleanor Rykener.

So, in conclusion, Eleanor Rykener was one of what I think we can assume were quite a few trans women who lived in England in the 14th century. She lived as a woman full-time. She was the target of transphobia, as her trial attests, but she also was successful in getting the people she knew and worked with to treat her as the woman she was. I hope she go off easy, and went on to have a long and prosperous life.

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