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Talked with a f2f friend about taxes earlier and it was so nice to have such a mundane conversation after a week of contingency planning at work.

Just poking my head in to verify status=alive.

Work's a mess, what with the planning for possible later closures right before spring break. Right now, campus is supposed to open again after the break, but there's really no telling what'll change in the next week.

Choir rehearsal went well. Had last group counseling session (whole thing went really well; kinda bummed it's over). Otherwise, just looking forward to not doing a darn thing starting tonight at 6pm.

Oh hey, there's gonna be a march tomorrow on campus that I both want to and should be able to participate in. Sweet.

Not even 10:30 here and so far I've typo'd my own dang last name--all five letters of it--four different ways. *sigh*

Having to adjust my mental clock to remember that it's now a five hour difference to the UK and six to Germany. In the other direction, two to Arizona and 13 to Singapore.

Nowhere to be the rest of the day, so moved the manual clocks forward already in hopes it'll help me go to be early tonight. I know it's been years now, but I'm _still_ miffed at this earlier spring forward. Next week's gonna be rough.

Still have to get through all of next week before Spring Break, but am planning the things I want to do. Goal is to do at least one thing out of the house for at least five of the nine days. So far I have:

▪️​ OKCMOA (haven't been in a while)
▪️​ Western Heritage museum (Dorothea Lange and Andy Warhol exhibits)
▪️​ Oklahoma Contemporary (arts center's new building will open over the break)
▪️​ chair massage (need to schedule)
▪️​ OKC Ballet's local choreographer show (ticket needed)
▪️​ ????

Office overheard: It's just way too hard for me to figure out how to make this pocket right now.

So, so glad our current building manager is really on top of giving us a heads-up for noisy stuff. The up-coming intercom testing is gonna suck, but at least I know it's happening.

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I really love this

Short interviews, and pictures, of non-binary people. I love it because they're mostly older, they're mostly not white, and I'm just always starved for perspectives like that.

The first time I heard The HU's Yuve Yuve Yu, it was the radio version with some English lyrics and my brain tried to insist the rest was in German and actually a Rammstein song. Much prefer the version on the album without English.

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Nonbinary PSA 

Just thinking that I now have a zine from @ArtistMarciaX , wall art from @monarobot and @photopuck , and a tshirt from @Qwyrdo. So in addition to being emotionally supportive, y'all here are physically enriching my life, too. That's pretty cool.

Vacuumed. General putting away of the things. Watered plants. Took out the recycling.

And that's it. Done.

Dishes done. Shower scrubbed. Bathroom mirror cleaned. One load of laundry totally done; other is drying. Lots of short breaks between things; now for a longer break to find the oomph to vacuum.

Errands run and laundry started. Taking a little break for food and water, then will start on cleaning.

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There are liminal spaces, neither here nor there. There are liminal times, neither now nor then.
People move past them and through them. Some are thrilled, some are scared, some don't even notice. Like when they meet me.
There are liminal beings, who are neither this nor that.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Tomorrow is eldest niblet's big day at the horse show (competing Western style for the first time) so today I'm hoping to do all the things so I can be down there.

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