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My Spotify top artists for the year:

Yusef Lateef
Tracy Chapman
Suchrita Lata
Gloria Estefan
The Modern Jazz Quartet

Have listened to musicians from 44 countries.

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I've updated my gofundme. If you share that would be so appreciated ^__^
I have to quickly leave Spain and do my visa from outside the country. New unexpected costs I now need to cover.

Gah! My town's recycling contractor will no longer take glass?! Or plastics 3-7 (only 1 and 2). This really sucks. Especially since the rest of my family lives in a town with the same contractor, so I can't take that stuff to them either.

"More than anyone, black voters know that white America has no tolerance for radical reform, which is why we often defer to candidates who demonstrate that they might be able to win elections. As the Grand Old Party increasingly demonstrates its allegiance to white supremacy, for us, a tap water-temperature Democrat is still better than a store-brand Republican…


Took a whole day for the migraine to totally wear off, but! Got actual sleep last night! So relieved.

Apparently nibblet E, who is 2, decided the other night to ask for me for the bedtime routine. Knowing darn good and well that I wasn't there, and so of course therefore: No Bedtime!

(The amount of giggles in the video of this confirms the interpretation. E was totally rocking the "ain't I so cute and smart" grin.)

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Just imagine me doing the Peanuts' "adult voice" and that pretty much sums up my Monday morning thus far.

Holy fucking shit this song: (Tanya Tucker; Bring My Flowers)

Umm...tear-jerker for me, just fyi. Death mention in the song.

It's finally happened: I've opened a romance novel to find a main character with the same name (first and last) as one of my niblets. Spelled differently, but still. Not sure I'm gonna be able to read this one without being totally weirded out.

For your ceremonial listening pleasure: (Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant)

It's my work Friday for the week, but also counseling was rescheduled from tomorrow to today so I'm operating as it it were Wednesday. Basically, I'm really confused.

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Oh wait. If it's only a two-day work week, than that means today is Thursday! Great! That means I can't possibly be having a Monday.

Looks like we're aiming to fit all the drama of a five-day workweek into the two days we're open this week. *sigh*

Y'all, I have mis-typed my work user name so many times today that I've lost count. The user name I've had for 11 years. I've been at work for an hour. This is a sign I shouldn't be here, yes?

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