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OH: This whole suite is classy as fuck.

(of my office suite, tyvm)

Kinda hard to test a configuration in the sandbox when there are no examples of the thing the config would affect in said sandbox. Hello, production testing?

A librarian friend elsewhere, in talking about work, just had cause to use the phrase "serial fecal artist."

Two people on campus have hit their 44th year of employment here. Boggles my mind, honestly.

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Boost if you are a Friend of Dorothy, or if you would pretend to be to fuck with the government.

I very much appreciate a webinar presenter who is self-aware enough to know they ramble and so occasionally says "Ok, if you're doing another thing while listening, you really want to listen to this part." Even better, when they say that and it's true.

My sleep actually cooperated with my needs for the first time in three weeks, and y'all I can't even begin to describe the utter relief. Actually stand a chance of making it through all of tonight's show.

Trying to determine how many travel packs of tissues I'll need tomorrow night, when I see Hamilton live for the first time.

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Assessment never includes the really revealing stuff like -- hours of therapy spent talking about this project or number of sleepless nights...

And hey, I get to do it again tomorrow, just with different meetings.

Apparently, starting off my day 45 minutes early and with back-to-back meetings is just too much for my brain. *flops over*

And here it is again. Late July, and I'm suddenly wanting to read nothing but Christmas Regencies. Every summer. Without fail. For about the last 12ish years. (Started in library school, when I'd read them as fluff between semesters because they were never checked out from my wee local library at that time of year.)

Just heard someone describe their extended (white) family as Y'all-queda.

"There are ways to be wounded and ways to survive those wounds, but no one can survive denying their own needs."

This is a beautiful essay:

(CW at link: relationships, cheating, marriage, wedding)

One of our local tv forecasters wore a dress today that was a smidge too close to green-screen color. Oops.

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OH: We're back to Satan's sphincter.

(Okies talk about the weather in the damndest ways.)

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Surprising no one, the European dude probably didn't come up with the printing press in a vacuum:

"[K]ey innovations in what would become revolutionary printing technology began in east Asia, with work done by Chinese nobles, Korean Buddhists, and the descendants of Genghis Khan...."

One of the campus' grounds crew is singing while weeding, and my entire office suite is charmed by the joy in his voice.

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