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Tired: bathrooms segregated into two groups: Men's and Women's

Wired: gender-neutral bathrooms

Inspired: bathrooms segregated into two groups: People who Leave the Bathroom in a Clean Usable State, and People Who Don't.

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stop asking for small town gay bars and start creating queer community spaces that aren't dark loud and drunk thanks

I lurve months in which I've got weeding to do because it means I've got a perfectly legitimate reason to hang out in the stacks and not be chained to my desk.

Staffing a service point and there's a person in my line of sight who looks _exactly_ like someone I went to high school with. Like, I want to go over and ask whether my high school classmate is one of their parents, they're so identical.

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No one can convince me that "2020" is a real date

It's when sci-fi things happen

It is not for real people

A cold front! We got an actual cold front! Jeans! Long-sleeved t-shirt! Socks that go _above_ the ankle_!

(September was way too warm, y'all.)

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We watched the unhappy vampire through the store door.
"Should I invite him? They can only enter if invited."
"We have a large 'Welcome in' sign. He's invited."
"So why isn't he coming in?"
"Automatic door. The camera can't see him."
"Oh. Accessibility fail."
"Yeah. Go open it."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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So I want to take a moment and pay homage to @suzukipeach and her presence here on PV and the Fediverse in general. Her being here is one of the great joys and to have her as a co-moderator for PV makes me feel safe and secure. Also she's a great friend.

If you have spare change and wanna throw some her way whilst she waits for a job that pays, I think that would be great, or a boost would be kind$sourcooki3

Ok, I'm spending way too much time on this today, so y'all should too:

How many US cities can you name?

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The problem with reaching the end of a published series but it isn't the end of the story....

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Over the course of the day I've been slowly sniffing the sampler vials of perfume I ordered two weeks ago. The one I just got to smells _exactly_ like someone I briefly dated in college--and is remarkable only in that I'd completely forgotten about them until I smelled:

"They reached the stairs to the temple anti-chamber with its white marble...."


Y'all, it exists!!

It only lets you set month and temperature before giving location recommendations, but it's looking like a good place to start for travel planning when I've no particular destination in mind.

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