California pioneering the way yet again, boutta become the first state in the US to outlaw discriminating against natural hair and the protective styles associated with it.

"Workplace dress code and grooming policies that prohibit natural hair, including afros, braids, twists, and locks, have a disparate impact on Black individuals as these policies are more likely to deter Black applicants and burden or punish Black employees than any other group."

eat it and GAG

@popstar This is good news indeed. Now if only it was national...


@Amuro_Rei @popstar This is great, California did something good. The fact that this was necessary (and it was) says a lot about the U.S. Grown ass school administrators love to bully black kids about their hair and it's incredibly cringe and awful. Lots of sad Permit Patty's today. 🙌🏾​

@ash @Amuro_Rei @popstar The other nice thing to see is that I got complete support 69-0 vote! When does that happen on anything?

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