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ah well, I'm sure mainstream media will get around to accurately depicting mental health issues any day now

Hurricane is drooling all over the floor and I got in his face and asked why he was making a mess and "being so mean" and he gave me the smallest gentlest kiss on my nose and I have now died from sweetness overload

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@Elizafox this is how capitalism is just slow motion genocide

@melaninpony @ash lol NOBODY becomes a cop to do ✌🏽good✌🏽. It draws abusers like violet light draws mosquitos.

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nothing was quite as telling (to me) about a white feminist's fear of WOC than when my aggression and anger went from being acceptable, even encouraged to being "scary" and "hostile" when i made the decision to more authentically own my heritage and therefore also my privilege as someone with pale skin, and my responsibilities to protect my more marginalized gente.

my priorities didnt change much, i just took more personal responsibility as a "white passing" person, but it was enough for them.

It's Transgender Day of Rememberance:
Support the trans folks around you in whatever ways you are able: emotionally, financially, etc, especially trans poc.
The fediverse is chock full of incredible folks who will benefit from your direct support. More comfortable with supporting an organization? Here's a great one:

Don't have money to spare? Boost some toots from folks requesting financial assistance and/or promoting their art or other projects. :heart_trans:

Reminder that obscene wealth is a choice. There are no good billionaires because they *choose* to hoard wealth instead of paying their workers living wages.

They *choose* to lobby against using taxes to fund healthcare, education, food, and housing in favor of forcing poor people to pay money they don't have because again, the rich choose not to pay them living wages.

Rich people are a plague upon this world and like all plagues, they need to be eradicated.

@Are0h "Old people keep dying, but racism never seems to end." - my Racial and Ethnic Relations professor

At this point, I think we can all agree that the only reason 🍊 is still in office is because of America's unlimited tolerance for racists and bigots.

He has been completely incompetent, corrupt, a liar, and has damaged the livelihoods of everyone who is not obscenely wealthy.

A person from any other background would have been kicked out of office.

But America *loves* its racist and sexist white men.

Fuck all cops, idc you good or not, I don't trust you nor do I wanna be around you. Lmao

Simple as that.

one day I hope to find someone who loves me as much as my cat loves his heating pad


it's after the 15th of the month, and you know what that means? I'm broke again! yaaaay!

i've got some food for now, but i'll need more groceries in a day or two, i've got a phone bill to pay, and i'm all out of weed, which i smoke every day to deal with PTSD-related anxiety.

i live on fixed income, and it's only enough to get through half a month.

please help if you can, any amount helps. ALWAYS BOOST.

You know what fucking bewildered me? I spoke to a person who was, at the time, a friend. She's trans and had just got out of a relationship with a queer black cis woman. I float the idea that "passing privilege" for trans women is probs a lot closer tied to them being white than any kind of identifiable gender characteristics. And she just can't brain that one. Maybe I'm wrong but you can't even see how those might be linked? Assuming this is even a thing, which I'm not sold on. Personally I think trans people who "pass" are just surviving in a shit system. That's not a fucking privilege but what do I know.

Can you, the reader, spot why I might link "not passing" with non-white skin tones? Okay, howabout did you hear the story of Caster Semenya, an olympic athlete targeted by the IAAF with their racist bullshit sex testing and concluded she wasn't woman enough to be in women's sports? She's fucking cis. But black. Now apply that framework snugly to trans women of color and shut the fuck up about passing privilege unless it includes parts about whiteness.

Whiteness is hegemony for all systems

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