:greensun: Climate collapse is class war

:greensun: Capitalism and centralisation have devastated our planet

:greensun: Direct Action and Autonomy - not looking to elected representatives for reform

:greensun: Climate issues are social issues

:greensun: Consensus is key - All Power to the People!

:greensun: Anti-Fascism

:greensun: Rejection of the state and police

:greensun: The climate struggle is an internationalist struggle

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Decentralized activism on a mass scale is the only thing that is going to fix anything in the US. No NGO's, no corps, no massive organized groups funded by these people. The Fedi has a role to play in this.

It's #thickthighsthursday again!! This is the Jen stretching out edition bc wheeew I am tight everywhere!

1,688 polling places closed since 2012 in states previously subject to Voting Rights Act. Observe the region.

You don’t deserve praise for not being an asshole to minorities.

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Every time a person of color claps back against a racist in the fediverse my edges grow in fuller.

I compiled a google drive of anti-racism/whiteness readings for my writing course students

cause the best way to teach people to read and think critically is to confront their own shit

A lot of it is from the book We Have Not Been Moved: Resisting Racism and Militarism in 21st Century America by PM Press


Kindness and caring for your community in an age of performative cruelty and in a culture of individualism and "better them, not me" is punk as fuck.

There is a town in Maine called Skowhegan. The city is built atop mass graves of the Abenaki people who were massacred by colonists.

Earlier this year, after much protest and many meetings, they finally decided to retire the highschools mascot of an indian.

Today, members on the schoolboard, city council, police force, postal workers and many others within the network of local businesses are all openly racist against native peoples. Hundreds of death threats have been directed towards Penobscot women, especially towards our tribal ambassador, there have been rape threats, comments on lynching, and murder.

Native women are 10x more likely to go missing or be murdered than any other group in the country.

So many white people are still selling merchandise with racist caricatures on it, some sell a "scalp towel", others are crying about their "Indian Pride"

This shit is literally throughout the entire city. It's like a virus.

Don’t convince others you’re not a racist. Convince others not to be racists.

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