it's VERY easy not to understand someone's oppression when you're privileged but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist you fucking foreskin q-tip ass clown orgy mayo motherfuckers, listen to people when they tell you that what you've done is wrong or when they tell you that they're suffering and ask them what you can do to be better and how you can grow and do that labour YOURSELF

Our sisters are out here looking out for us. :blobcatlove:​ Here's a helpful summary of strategies to heal from continual racist trauma:

@gattogateaux Dressing up exploitation as some kind of humanitarianism is just 21st century capitalism all over

I hate everything about the bottled water industry.

I really wonder which capitalist scumbag decided it was a great idea to take water from an aquifer which a small island nation depends on, put it into disposable plastic bottles, and then send it to countries across the world to sell it to pretentious rich people. I mean, what the fuck.

@InvaderXan this reminds me of how "micro loans" from the World Bank were marketed as "helping poor ppl in Africa start buisnesses" but really it was used to make people Pay to access water wells that were built by "humanitarians".

One big thing I have noticed between tusky and fedilab is that tusky is a lot smoother when scrolling through the timeline.

Has anyone else who has a moto g6 experienced this?

These are strange times. The earth shifts beneath us. Can you taste the ash in the air, or the plastic in the water? The police are outside. The police are inside. The misery in your money and the meager choices it affords arrive from one spirit, our foe whose name is the kyriarchy, and it mutters of a wretched future. We will face it together. Together we are strong.

Do not build a browser.

Every day I'm more thankful for the myasstodon population

Literary, depression. 

re: work habits 

work habits 

gefilt just means filled or stuffed, so technically anything that's stuffed can be called gefilte ____. e.g., ravioli? gefilte noodles. jelly donuts? more like gefilte donuts. gushers? gefilte gummies.

imagine...all this time....flowless was not only a top-tier poster..and takes great selfies..but he has a fucking silken voice

wišcúla: y'know christianity the genesis story it's a lot like the big bang right? first there was light and then other stuff and the big bang basically the same right? even our lies are true!!!

lakhóta: first there was everything and that hurt so it compressed and got more complex. eventually an earth, with one landmass. over time, many landmasses. later, an ice age.

“Black Religion and the Imagination Of Matter in the Atlantic World”

Gender thoughts. 

LB: note that this happened at the request of Google employees which is a baller fuckin' move on their part.

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