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70 teams of scientists analyzed the same brain data and it went about as badly as you think. bit.ly/2Byu1DN #neuronerd

For anyone who likes to run/jog/walk 5Ks, here's one that is virtual and proceeds go to various non-profits here in solidarity with #BLM: runsignup.com/Race/IL/YourTown

You can complete it any time this month, and you get a t-shirt and medal. Win-win!

Selfie, ec 

Good afternoon friends! It's still a cool silvery-grey kind of weather, a soft damp breeze & everything slightly muted. Streams running low & clear with Himalayan balsam starting to spring up tall & extravagant, dark little sinuous fish darting among the reeds.

Phone fixed–was curious if I'd feel more tranquil, but there were so many little daily things I missed. Out inordinately long walking b/c I found an app called Seek that IDs plants for me.

May we find emotional growth & learning today!

Certain theologies are more or less logically incompatible, which is fine, until you realize that modern White Supremacy's attitude towards other identities, racial identities, ethnic identities, national identities, is built on the Christian model that they imported from anti-Judaism and anti-Islam. Why can't you be Black AND White in 2020? Because for two millennia you couldn't be Christian AND Jewish, Muslim AND Christian.

You've seen the QPoC Flag, yes? Well here's the QTPoC Flag!

I'll have an SVG available of this eventually, but feel free to save this and share it and whatever you want. The black outline is there because I'm gonna try to make a patch from it, but it's easy to remove once you have the SVG.

If you want a regular image without the outline, lemme know and I'll upload one here to the fediverse

whenever some organization starts talking about "increasing inclusivity," I'm always like - did you mean "ending the violently enforced hoarding of resources and opportunities?"

Black people are not a monolith doesn't mean you should pick and choose and only listen to those of us you don't feel challenged by.

I get confronting things you've been complicit with is difficult and uncomfortable. There can be a huge amount of cognitive dissonance that hurts your perception of yourself as a good person.

The resolution to that is to look up how to do better then, start doing that.

Made more to add to my Gumroad collection. One is about over the counter medications, one offers direction for locals who want to make the world suck less, and one is some basic information about people for allistics who care.


So I totally forgot I had done this because winter feels like it was 84 years ago and that's when I made it

But I made a to help people with over the counter medications, in light of how hard it is to make rational choices when companies have a profit motive to waste our money and time.

So. Anyway.

OTC Meds in Late Capitalism. Pay what you want, including nothing. I'm not gonna charge for this during a goddamn pandemic.


Spearheading a Survey of Caste in South Asian Diasporas (link) 

Podcast Recommendations! I get asked a lot for some good podcasts and I don't like pulling down an avalanche of information on the heads of people I just want to have nice things, so I've found it helpful to just have a compilation that I can link. I can give content warnings for any of these, so please feel free to ask for what you need.

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