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Fabulous knows no gender. Beauty is for everyone.

The energy healer is talking about "masculine" and "feminine" energy and she's like "it's not about sexual orientation, it's about balance," but like: truly why are these people still framing it like that then, stop it, call it forceful and restorative or something, if that's what you mean, christ

Me: I'm gonna get work done today!

My Body: How about a nap??

unfortunately, I could not get a photo

but I had to share the good news

important news

I saw a pittie today and it was so happy to be on a walk with its human

It healed my soul a little

or not fulfillment didn't get them out hte door today so now it's say Monday 😭

expect selfies

new glasses selfies for fine femme friday

Aaahhhh my new glasses shipped and arrived Friday!!!!!!

re: motorcycle adventures 

motorcycle adventures 

He left 10 minutes early like I asked but said thank you like I did him a favor. I showed up like a minute after he had happened to leave. Which was a good thing too because the first bus was a few minutes later.

I'm having trouble getting back to sleep.

Also, I have Yoshi music stuck in my head.

Ex messaged me at 1am to tell me he forgot he had a meeting in the morning. So I should alter the morning routine with the kids to avoid blocking his drive way. You know. Because I should change routine last minute for his planning mistake.

WW were only outraged by the end of GoT cuz it was their first time being as disappointed by a white woman as the rest of us.

If cancel culture was real, kaniini would've been gone 2 years ago when the pleroma-nazi bullshit first blew up.

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