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there's a bunch of typos in that toot but you get what I mean

(this is evergreen and I should probably pin it)

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Hi, I put my silly ideas on t-shirts and sell them.

You can support a Latina, queer mom of two young autistic children by buying my stuff.

:chick_happy:​​ Thank You!

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Not only should there be unions for tech workers but they need to be woman lead.

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Roast Levels

Most People: Mild
Mutuals: Spicy
Date Friends: Fuck Me Up

probably been asked before but if you were designing a fishing minigame..... would you use a Poisson distribution?

Preschooler that lives upstairs is putting up a fight tonight 🀣

I'm still pissed about the destruction of the Library of Alexandria.

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@denikombucha β€œJust to make ourselves clear, your privacy has never been a priority for us. It especially is not an issue to us now that we can actually be public about it.”

I'm so proud of everyone able and willing to March and Strike today. Keep it up!!!

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heckling brands on Instagram is still one of my favorite past times

the existence of all-gender restrooms implies an equal number of no-gender restrooms somewhere in the universe, into which only agender people are admitted

shitposting is the writing equivalent of snaking a clogged drain before your writing brain works proper

The gender of the day is a sensitive nightingale.

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Hey, did you need some art? Because @RAPIDPUNCHES is not only extremely talented, but they're also (somehow) available for commissions and you're a dag-blamed FOOL if you're not taking advantage of that fact.

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