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there's a bunch of typos in that toot but you get what I mean

(this is evergreen and I should probably pin it)

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Hi, I put my silly ideas on t-shirts and sell them.

You can support a Latina, queer mom of two young autistic children by buying my stuff.

:chick_happy:​​ Thank You!

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Not only should there be unions for tech workers but they need to be woman lead.

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buckets are just large cups

or are cups mini buckets? πŸ€”

*leggings don't have pockets*

Me: oh no :<

*punk vests have many pockets*

Me: oh nice :>

just got asked my pronouns at a trucker-ass gas station by a dude in a ford truck baseball cap

it's the future yall

Frequently I leave the laundromat with damp clothes because I just want to go home.

If one out these dogs doesn't come in here to be petted soon, there's no point to being out :grr:​

I need a new fuzzy robe. I think j lost mine in the move.

These toots brought to you by my warm fuzzy blanket and my desire to never leave it.

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Can eugen make mastodon for grandmas

I want her to stop using Facebook. Of she ends up as a furry, that's her business

As always, buying books at park gift shops and keeping up on regional cryptid stories. This critter on the cover is Shuswaggi, the Shuswap Lake monster.

Our power is out for two hours. Cracking on with this :) #MastoArt

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women's clothing suggestions :boost_ok:​ Show more

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