These pictures of Jupiter taken by the Juno spacecraft are fucking with my emotions; I remember avidly staring at grainy black and white photos of the planets when I was very little. Absolutely breathtaking

@StarStuffSister Whoa, these are pictures?! They look like pieces from exceptional post-impressionist paintings. 😮

@StarStuffSister folks i wanna fucking eat jupiter fuckin look at it oh my god

@minitrope Totally my thought- that it looked like some sort of divine art room accident

@a9ymous And it's a similarly cool comparison bc he's been a naturalist forever and the old black and white stuff of him when he was young compared to now is incredible

@a9ymous Nature documentaries, behind cartoons aimed at adults, are my favorite thing to watch. I couldn't agree more

@StarStuffSister I used to have a cleaner version of this but can't find it now.

@noelle @StarStuffSister Wow! I love that space is turning out to be even more stunning than I imagined as a kid (and I imagined pretty hard!)

@StarStuffSister Woah! Am I the only one who think it looks like that Van Goth painting of the starry sky?!

@narF Nope, someone else mentioned that too; I remember thinking so as well. It's unreal- like a real version of what he painted.

@StarStuffSister do they use AI to sharpen the photos? it has the same unnerving quality as deep dream images

@StarStuffSister We had some gorgeous "artists' renditions" of the gas giants when I was young (70s, 80s), but not one comes even close to the glory of the real thing. If an artist had painted Jupiter like this, they would have been told to not get carried away.

@StarStuffSister The photos from Juno are stunning. DAE feel a profound sadness when looking at photos of other planets?


"Eldritch clouds."

by Universal Creator

Vapors over Jovian

@StarStuffSister I thought that it was abstract art before reading the toot.

@StarStuffSister that first once is a close up of chopped lettuce, don't try to fool me

I kinda love that the whole point of JunoCam was to make all of the Jupiter images public so that anyone can play with them.

I may have gotten carried away once or twice...


Starry starry red cabbage

Super beautiful I've never seen these before

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