So wait. Remind me how this payroll tax break Trump is talking about is going to stimulate anything?

So if people can't go to work because they're sick, or if places like my workplace have to close their doors, and we aren't GETTING PAID.... we'll be getting a 0% stimulus on our ZERO DOLLAR paychecks.

when I was in elementary school, every day I walked to school I walked past the house of a doll collector and all the dolls were set up to be facing out of the third floor window and it was absolutely as horrifying as it sounds

I had sex for 20 years, with many people, without ever getting pregnant.

But in the years since I became a widow, despite the sex I've had nearly falling to zero, I've been pregnant (and aborted) twice. After the first time I was so traumatized by how physically awful the abortion recovery was that I became very sex averse-- and the very next time, when I had sex a year later, I got pregnant again. Just had sex for the first time in forever a week ago, and my period is late. I'm gonna cry.

google images sometimes yields strange dividends

Fine femme Friday, outdoors edition! I was holding days worth of mail under one arm, it was cold, and the sun had already set but I got a pic in natural light.

Eye contact selfie

Openly asking people if they want to fuck and being safe responding openly with yes or with no needs to be more of a thing

Don't cry on this bus, don't cry on this bus, don't cry on this bus

Is.... the smoke im smelling (in silicon valley) from the amazon? Jfc

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