Openly asking people if they want to fuck and being safe responding openly with yes or with no needs to be more of a thing

Don't cry on this bus, don't cry on this bus, don't cry on this bus

Is.... the smoke im smelling (in silicon valley) from the amazon? Jfc

The patriarchy harms us all and must be dismantled.

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Oh... No, it's not girthy. I thought you said mirthy, and I was like, yeah, I have a pretty funny penis.

My friend started a new game of Sims 4 and some characters his dad made dropped in to say hello. Guess it's true what they say about the Sims of the father.

@Jewbacchus @pbandkate my mind is now a loop of "gay as it ever was .. gay as it ever was .. letting the gays go by," then just kind of static bc my brain can't think of any more before it loops around again. thank you

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I swear it must be 62° on my bus and I'm wearing a hoodie but still miserable. It wasn't even very hot today, WTF????? No need for this freezing nonsense.

I can't believe French people are out here eating chocolate PAIN

so metal

Le selfie du soir avec Ossie sur mon dos

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Somebody is hacking road signs in New Orleans in the best possible way...

My picture of Lombard Street turned out OK. That twisty bitch crazy.

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