It's sad that someone like Aretha Franklin wouldn't get much of a shot today because she's not "hot".

@StarStuffSister i wish Mary Shelley would come back from the dead at least for long enough to roll her eyes at every one of those annoying dudes

"Most people think that Frankenstein is the monster, but-"

No. We use it as shorthand and you're not impressing anyone with your fifth grade knowledge of literature.

Twitter was a desperate attempt by this lost and lonely woman to gain popularity, but I'm only following and interacting with people here I genuinely WANT to. I'm cultivating this to be a verdant garden of thought and fun 💁🏾

I feel like sexy court stenographers were one of the most common examples I saw of smart, independent, quick, hot women as a youth.

FYI, I don't follow back if you have zero posts. There are other qualifiers I'll keep to myself, but I just won't follow you if you have a profile with no posts.

I saw this for the first time today, and it details what to do if you can't speak for any reason during a 911 call

Don't take a bartending class. It's a waste of money.

Any American Sign Language or Armenian conversation partners out there? I have to learn how to talk to my boss and my girlfriend's family

[boosts welcome]

Dear internet how can I be the center of attention without having people look at me?

@regularicecube The nuclear family is shaped by social forces which arise out of scarcity. You only need to read about the history of family and gender in Europe to see family structure changed in response to changing material conditions as well as the needs of the landed gentry and industrialist capitalists.

I'm not a collectivist when it comes to child-rearing, but collective rearing of children seems to be the default state in cultures where competition over basic resources is not the norm.

And the last one from this bunch, an intact sea urchin skeleton. #Photography

gathering a crew to rob Notch for his crimes boost if you're in

here's a recent drawing I'm pretty proud of!

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