Damn it, there's a typo in my description of the image. I guess we live in the "dollar system" now. 😂

My employer launches Facebook Workplace and demands written agreements for passing our personal data to #Facebook. Which worries me.

Has anyone dealt with this Workplace? What is this thing? Does it make me visible and searchable on Facebook for the whole world?

I really don't like this concept, tbh.

:dnd: tip: if you get hold of a Wish in a persistent world, here's a good one:

"I Wish that all entities or other mechanisms by which Wishes may be granted, present and future in perpetuity, interpret each Wish requested in a manner which is beneficial to the entity requesting the Wish and with minimal drawbacks and penalties unintended to the entity requesting the wish."

There's a daycare run out of a house on the walk home from my bus stop where I often see adorable toddlers playing in the toy filled garden/backyard. I wore a long flower print dress today and as I walked by two children stopped talking (or pretending to talk, they're really little) to smile and wave at me. Their mouths dropped open like they saw a princess. It was so cute and made me feel great. Those kids, man...

Some more of me doing a failed tightrope walk in by .

I really had no core balance so this was really hard (only got like two steps in).

Who has two thumbs and contributed to the Winnipeg hotel industry's surplus of phone chargers this morning?? 👎👎

#games #riot #leagueoflegends #Gaming #gamer #racism #sexism

"-supervisor had told her that 'diversity should not be a focal point of the design of Riot Games’ products because gaming culture is the last remaining safe haven
for white teen boys.”"


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If you've ever wondered why you shouldn't use water to put out a grease fire...

Got my nails done for the first time since I became a widow ~2.25 years ago. Forgot how much I liked it.

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Saw the prettiest black man on the bus with glasses, a beard, and tattoos. Wow 😍

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