I took the same quiz @moiety took. I think quizzes are fun. I’m not sure that I completely agree with the internal color. But it’s still cool. 🙂

Your internal color — meaning how you see yourself — is pink, indicating that you're loving, sensitive, silly, and compassionate. You're faithful by nature and are a bit of a softie. You can't help that you're a bit of a romantic, either. Sometimes you put others above yourself because you're just that sweet, but remember that *you* are important too!

Your external color is orange. This is how people see you. Orange indicates that you're creative, independent, adventurous, and fun. People know that when they're with you, they're bound to have a good time! You're spontaneous, encouraging, and fun-loving. While you're not always responsible or the best communicator, you work hard to remedy that. You're a natural leader!

@moiety lol actually as i read it and try to disagree there really is nothing i actually disagree with.

@moiety Yeah this is actually pretty spot on lol. Which is weird... I wasnt sure about the last question where you pick the picture that shows how you feel day to day. I'm really not poetic brained enough for those kinds of exercises- even though I completely believe in numerology and the 'science' of vibrations... if that makes sense.

@SpunkyAlpaca that does make sense. And I felt the same about that last one. FWIW: I picked the one with the dark greys. Not sure how much that influences the result 🤷🏻‍♀️.

What’s the “science” of vibrations?

@moiety numb Numerology is the idea that numbers have specific vibrations that coincide with greater meanings. Letters also have cooresponding number vibrations and you can calculate things about a person or your life using there birthday or even their name. It actually super neat.

@SpunkyAlpaca oh that does sound neat! Any recommended books on that? If not I’ll just do a search and read some articles. Thank you 😊

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