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i still haven't forgotten that breonna taylor's boyfriend was charged with attempted murder for firing back at the cops who failed to identify themselves after they shot her 8 times. literally murdered her and tried to ruin his life. burn all this shit down.

I love you fuckers about as far as I can throw you which is pretty far, since you all live in my laptop.

your first mistake was thinking that you're self aware

Something I want to add to this. At least on TV I see a lot more white people advocating for the removal of these statues. And I know at least the older black folks don鈥檛 want them taken down. I just wanna say that we all share this history. And while it makes some people uncomfortable to be faced with the ugly truth. For others they depict just how far we鈥檝e come. My ancestors fought hard for where we are. It鈥檚 nice to be able to see where they were. Those statues give perspective.

I DONT think statues of racist should be taken down. It鈥檚 important to remember the ugly parts of your history. Those statues are crucial conversation starters. Without them we will not talk about the generals who fought for slavery... Lord knows schools won鈥檛 do it. A better solution to me who be to put up new statues of slaves who fought for their freedom and other African Americans who contributed to our society. To me, this is a form of white washing history. It happened don鈥檛 cover it up.

So I just found out that after 30 something years they are taking the show Cops off the air. This is upsetting for me because generally on Cops there was little to no shooting. And to be real it鈥檚 the only place you can really see cops arrest white people.
Also, you can choose wtf you watch. If folks like watching cops. Then shit, let them watch it. It鈥檚 unnecessary censoring.

Brain fog has been a big problem the last couple of months and I'm struggling with writing/blogging. So I've just decided to go easy on myself, and post a 'in pictures' post, with minimal text. The flowers kind of speak for themselves, anyway!

#MECFS #BrainFog #Plants

Uprising Organic Seeds in Bellingham, WA has a system where those in need can order a free ($1 shipping) bundle of 5 seed packets, and others can choose to donate and "grow it forward".

The selection varies seasonally so that the seeds can be planted when they arrive 鈥 when the list was last updated, it had arugula, chard, broccoli, bush beans, and cucumber.

Donate to grow it forward: uprisingorganics.com/grow-it-f

Order a seasonal seed bundle: uprisingorganics.com/grow-it-f


roasting my 20 year old sister is always unexpectedly hilarious. baby!

hey, southern fried queer pride just sent out an email and put up a gofundme for creating a Black queer owned community space

this'll be in Atlanta, as SFQP is mostly based in Atlanta with some stuff also in Durham NC.

rant. racism. NY governor. wtf 

rant. racism. NY governor. wtf 

rant. racism. NY governor. wtf 

馃崒Reveal for banana pudding recipe 馃崒 

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