So it takes 2 and a half minutes to get to space but it takes half a day to get from New York to California

Does anyone else have a bucket list of things that are literally impossible to do?

I have an issue with the free Wrap Top pattern from Peppermint Magazine. And I'm not sure how to fix it. But hopefully the muslin will give me some guidance.

@bstacey @SpunkyAlpaca @ink_slinger I was gonna do a whole zine about it at one point but it never got past the conceptual stage. :)


The worst part of them deciding Pluto wasnt a planet anymore was still having text books that included Pluto and the teacher just awkwardly told us to disregard that and our child minds sincerely felt bad for Pluto.

Our generation has trust issues because we experienced what it was like when they decided Pluto wasn鈥檛 a planet only for them to decide it was a planet again.

Tfw you can't use the sewing machine with shoes on but your feet are cold so you just wear one slipper on the foot that doesn't have to operate the pedal.

Yes I鈥檓 rewatching the last air bender. Yes it鈥檚 as good as I remember it

I鈥檝e been watching Avatar The Last Airbender all day. And I can鈥檛 decide what power I鈥檇 want.
They鈥檙e all so cool. It鈥檚 between Earth and Water. Water seems most practical and I really like the healing element. But earth bending has a certain sex appeal.

Pls send cute animal photos or cute selfies or both

I guess #introductions are in order. Hello, my name's Elisha! Other than writing, I've been taking up cooking to pass the time during this pandemic. I like to bake but my skills are probably more Nailed It! material than The Great British Bake Off - here's a cake I made to prove it. Anyway, nice to meet you! #chocolate #cake #baking

I do feel bad when they email me (an admin of said listserv) asking me to 鈥 please do something about so and so because it is inappropriate to call me a blank on the listserv.鈥
Because my response will be that 鈥楤OTH of you are being inappropriate and I鈥檓 not your mammy. Y鈥檃ll are growner than me. This is ridiculous鈥

The drama on these activist listservs is fucking hilarious. I would call it a guilty pleasure but I鈥檓 not feeling very guilty. ... I鈥檓 unashamedly loving it.

So I ordered fabric. And it came. It is not pink like I thought but instead it is beige. I then notice the title of the fabric is 鈥楤eige Floral Cotton Canvas鈥 so I cant even blame my computer or their bad photo. I fucked myself by not reading. But honestly, it鈥檚 still super cute and I think it鈥檚 going to make some cute pants.

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That episode of Fresh Prince where Will joins the poetry club.

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