Dear English language, why is unstoppable written with two p’s?

at the point in creative works where i have tons of self doubt and just feel meh. baby needs an off day SOON

taking my time with things is both a blessing and curse

months of bill sh!t, injuries, and tech issues but a bytch is back and equipped to annoy tf outta yoouuu 👀🙃

it might finally be safe to come out of hibernation? 👀

@RebelleCunt may I recommend ppl support st james infirmary in sf. A free clinic for sex workers and their families. Trans inclusive.

It’s International Sex Workers Rights Day support BIPOC in the industry and in SWers advocacy communities 😘💕

@RebelleCunt big facts. I just wanna blow through the work but I know more coming

taking my time with things is both a blessing and curse

Today I spoiled myself, went to the Leather Museum for some heaux research, and enjoyed MY company

On a Black musical kick right now. Starting with Sister Act II and working my way to Dream Girls and Idlewild tonight.

What are some of your favorite Black musicals to watch and obnoxiously sing along to?

woke up this morning to the smell of last night's meal lingering in the air and can I just say that love is the aroma of fried chicken, mac n cheese, and greens at 7 am?

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