Is there an artist or illustrator who’s able to make me an avatar? Recommendations and boosts appreciated. Thanks

@Mwenyi Might be able to lend a hand. I generally work in watercolor inversions and strange digital vector things. Are you looking to buy, trade, or just acquire? Can help any which old way if my style is to your liking, but trade/pay means I can afford to spend more time on it.

General madness:
Specific madness based on actual photos, and generally costing an arm and a leg:

@Wetdryvac thanks for your reply. I looked at your art... I love what you do. It’s very different from what I had in mind, so I need to think because I like different. And yes I expect to pay for it but my budget is limited. Up to €70 (I’m not sure if it’s realistic or not though)

@Mwenyi No worries on time to think, and if you find someone closer to your needs, that's cool. I'll DM you contact info in the meantime.

@Mwenyi I'm not sure if either of them are taking commissions at this moment or if their styles are in-line with what you'd like, but and are both very talented and do avatars.

@Creaturista thanks. Are you sure you got the right names? Can’t click on their names here, I’ll look them up and see their work

@Mwenyi I just didn't want to link them directly, but they should come up in search. Thought it might be weird/ potentially stressful for them to get pinged with the tag.

If you have a look in the #commission or #commissionopen or such hashtags, you'll probably find what you want.
Good luck for you search!

@CountZero thanks so much! I knew there was a hashtag but couldn’t remember. 🙏🏾

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