[fr] Chaque vendredi (ou presque) je choisis un thème et plusieurs personnes en lien avec celui-ci pour #FollowFriday. Toutes mes précédentes recommandations peuvent êtres trouvées en réponse à ce message.

[en] For #FollowFriday, I choose several people in relation to a theme (almost) every Friday. All my previous recommendations can be found in reply to this post.

And, once again, it's #FollowFriday time 🎶. This week's theme is "Switter", the sex work-friendly instance.

@amydentata, game developer. [en]

@e, one of the three instance's admins. Developer. [en]

@j, one of the three instance's admins. [en]

@lolahunt, one of the three instance's admins. Escort. [en]

@MistressEmelia, sex worker and developer. [en]

#FF #FediverseFriday

I'm a little behind my regular schedules, so it's time for a belated #FollowFriday! This week theme is "Bots". That's right, here are five bots that you may want consider following.

@accessibleColors, post accessible colour combinations. [en]

@calendrier_republicain, give you the date in the French Republican Calendar. [fr]

@hills, post randomly generated hills. [en]

@lesbianBot, robot lesbian. [en]

@TartanGenerator, post randomly generated tartan. [en]

#FF #FediverseFriday

One again, it's #FollowFriday time! This week theme is "#MastoArt".

@eecks, they makes some of the most beautiful ink paintings I ever saw. [en]

@lores, a digital artist who draws amazing landscape. [en]

@Mirima, doodles, sometimes more. [fr]

@noahbradley, famous illustrator. [en]

@Shyle, draws and writes comics. [fr]

#FF #FediverseFriday

We're Friday, you all know what that means. It's time for another #FollowFriday.
This week's theme "Videogame creators".

@amydentata, game developer. [en]

@DavitMasia, game designer. [en]

@Kells, illustrator. [en]

@matilde, interactive media artist. [en]

@thetrakynia, game developer. [en]

#FF #FediverseFriday

Time for another #FollowFriday! This week's theme is "Craft".

@Hiraelle makes and sells cross stitch and crochet. [fr]

@Sheinicorn makes some beautiful queer jewelry. [en], [fr]

#FF #FediverseFriday

Once again, it is #FollowFriday time!
The theme I picked this week is "black people". So here are some interesting black person's accounts that I suggest you to follow.

@Are0h, Social @ PV's instance admin. [en]

@ArtistMarciaX, artist. [en]

@guerrillarain, storyteller and one of the most kind-hearted person of this network. [en]

@Mwenyi, future architect. [en], [fr]

#FF #FediverseFriday

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