Dear white vegans,

Check your privileges and ethnocentrism when engaging POC about going vegan. Stop talking at us, it’s hostile. Also, cruelty-free extends to vegetables too; keep that same energy when mentioning (often racist) labour and human rights violations in the farming industry. And the destructive effects of intensive single crop farming on the environment. In addition, having taken an African studies course doesn’t make you are non-racist. Finally, saviourism is not the way.



Spurred by a soul breaking encounter I had this morning. I’m really tired of vegans acting like POC are clueless. Many of us come from cultures where diet is informed by sensible engagement with the environment and the animals in our midst. We care about the same things. Our problem is with the capitalistic system and the way it fundamentally affects how we live and thus eat. Choice is a privilege in this system.

Thank you for saying this. 💚 I’ve had similar thoughts in my head for some time now.

@Mwenyi oh mate fundamentalist vegans are on par with religious fundamentalists i am so sorry

@Mwenyi “Haven’t you heard? Sometimes agriculture doesn’t work out well for the animals.” — a city lib, to me, who grew up in farm country...

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