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Is anybody here a diagnosed or self-identified schizoid?

If so please reach out, I'd like to talk.

Still livid that housekeeping, sewing, tailoring, laundry and other essential daily fucking tasks have been so devalued. We all objectively suck at doing them now. Even the people we pay to do it for us are diminished as the skilled workers they are. And we've relegated others doing those tasks for and with you as a deeply economically restrictive thing. This separates those that are good at a task and those that benefit from the task into categories deeply at odds with each other.

Nest Secure has an unlisted, disabled microphone

Wondering how many times this has been used before being offically activated? How many agencies knew, had access to it, etc?


The death of Cleopatra, 1876 by Edmonia 'Wildfire' Lewis (1844-1907) first African/Native-American woman to achieve international fame as a sculptor #womensart


Frida Kahlo, Self Portrait with Cropped Hair, 1943, the artist cut her hair short a month after her divorce from fellow artist Diego Rivera as an act of defiance #womensart

hmmm nope don't like how "creator burnout" has been reframed into a personal failing due to lack of self-care, rather than a horrifying consequence of late-stage capitalism and the gig economy

The Best Skin-Care Trick Is Being Rich

I must admit that it’s true. I didn’t want to believe it in the beginning but it’s the expensive stuff/habits that made all the difference for me. I don’t even think my case is that bad, but these celebrities and many youtubers will have you think achieving clear skin is universally simple and cheap.

Dorms for Grownups: A Solution for Lonely Millennials?

In a new model of living, residents will have their own “microunits” built around a shared living space for cooking, eating and hanging out.

It’s an old article, but I thought I’d share anyway. I honestly believe that communal living is the future and will save us all. I just don’t think we should call these housings “dorms” lol

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I can't imagine wasting any more of my time trying to prop up a system predicated on the idea that everything will work fine as long as the people I've ceded my power to are/remain virtuous. What a consistently losing roll of the die.

I'll be over here trying to get my agency back if anyone comes looking for me.

This is coming from a place of making a living wage but

‘Capital stealing the value of my labor’ doesn’t feel nearly as important as capital stealing my LIFE.

40 hours of my week + recovery time. My education choices. Where I can live. Whether I own a pet. Capitalism limits all the wonderful things I could do in life.

I know money can acquire some of these things. I just think the phrase ‘capitalism steals the value of your labor’ isn’t communicating well how much capitalism steals from us.

Building healthy spaces means recognizing and dealing with behaviors and actions that are counter to said spaces.

Attempting to assuage bigots in the hope they act like decent people eventually doesn't contribute to a healthy environment.

Giving carte blanche deference to every idea one comes across for the sake of 'objectivity' does not contribute to a healthy space.

Everyone has to decide what kind fo community they want to be a part of. Do you really want good spaces or just appear to be?

There is no honor in taking abuse from people that mean you harm.

There is nothing shameful about erring on the side of your self interest if you are unsure about a person's intent when they engage.

People that have genuine good interests and make positive contributions consistently to the community around them will prove that out over time.

As in life, not everybody is here to be your friend.

It's ok to let people prove that they are good people. Good people don't mind doing that.

I'm trying out playvicious to see how it fits. My other account is I'm white; and afab; casually jewish and seriously pissed. I live in .

I talk about and and physical and . I bitch about power structures. Also television shows, , and infrastructure.

Pronouns: he, she, and they are all fine. I like variety.

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long overdue reintroduction:

i’m monique. i’m a brown queer femme designer from the bay area in california (born and raised). i’m prone to changing my career and currently work in tech. got my degree in lit and critical theory. i’m also a gamer, a stoner, a prison abolition activist, 30 going on 31 (4/20 baby), a rape survivor, and not terribly severe dyslexic.

hi hello! 👋🏽

66-year-old US photographer, Laura Hofstadter's project recreates classical paintings in a series of black and white self-portraits to highlight ageism and invisibility of older women in the arts #womensart

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Talking about hateful spaces and 'free speech' (incl. alt-right and nazis) Show more

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