I was advised that this lunar eclipse is a really bad time for rituals, charging crystals and even lighting candles. So for the next 3 days please take care.

Btw you can still pray and speak to your guides and ancestors but be mindful of the above. Of course trust your intuition for this. I’m just passing the information along. 💛

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If you’re interested in spiritual growth, from an African (specifically South African) perspective, do look into Noksangoma’. She is a sangoma (healer) who offers guided notes among other things. Plus she’s cool (check her IG). patreon.com/Noksangoma

When you’re trying to have a meaningful personal practice outside the conventions or religions, suddenly having too much freedom becomes stressful. Her guided notes gave me something to start with. For that alone I recommend her Patreon

Pour vos besoins spirituels, si vous êtes à Paris je vous conseille vivement la boutique “La Flamme Divine” dans le 14e. Il y a presque tout, des bougies de toutes les couleurs, les encens, herbes, en passant par les pierres, etc. Mais surtout c’est tenu par un monsieur formidable qui donne de très bons conseils.


Apologies to everyone who’s been stuck in my follow request queue for months. I haven’t been here a while, I’m getting to it. 💛

Gabbers work w feds. They’ve had campaigns where they’ve reported sex workers to police and the IRS. They’ve reported nonwhite Immigrants to ICE and the NSA. They’ve doxxed activists and abuse victims. This is not just a ‘free speech’ issue. You’re responsible for who you federate with and who you allow on your platform. Minimizing the threat they pose is just you minimizing your complicity in their violence. We’re not fooled.

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After a brief against an illness, the King dies, leaving their idealistic 5yo child as the new King/Queen. Instead of appointing a regent, they let the child rule. Because of this, the nation becomes the most peaceful and prosperous ever seen, earning the respect of the whole world.
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L'une des attractions du Jardin des Plantes à Paris

Chères sorcières qui aiment se ressourcer en nature, près de l’eau et des oiseaux, connaissez vous des endroits sympas et pas trop pris d’assaut autour de Paris?

Boosts apprécies. 💛

J'ai posé la question aux mecs il y a quelques jours, je vais la poser aux meufs aussi maintenant.

C'est quoi pour vous être une femme ? Qu'est-ce qui fait que vous vous sentez femme dans votre identité ?

(lâchez vous je réagirais pas je veux juste lire ce que vous avez à en dire)

European colonization of the Americas killed 10 percent of world population and caused global cooling

A death toll of 56 million by the beginning of the 1600s — 90 percent of the pre-Columbian Indigenous pop and around 10 percent of the global pop.


But for real, this belief that "exaggerated hip sway = how females walk" is an EPIDEMIC in animation. And you know it's an epidemic because there aren't enough women in the industry

Gardiennes ancestrales - Portrait of haitian women by Elladj Lincy Deloumeaux
oil, collage on canvas.

I cut off the tassel from my mala beads. I now wear it around my wrist every day because it somehow appeases my soul. Lapis Lazuli is definitely my favourite stone 💙

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