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Please Boost!

@MoMartin the cat came back so i don't know if i'm one of these or just to boost

@MoMartin i have a record of my great great grandpa. he sang a song, "the cat came back, the very next day, the cat came back & he wouldn't go away"

@MoMartin I need to get moved and my job off my back.. but soon

@MoMartin I used to write, I haven't in YEARS. I'll give it a fucking go though?

@MoMartin oh? What could I contribute? What are u doin?

@Moss *Shrug* dunno! Could do anything! It's a big world. What would you like to contribute on a project with me?

@Sorl to whatever end amuses and delights you! I’m still learning my craft and collaboration is one of those skills that takes practice, so I’d love to try! What sort of thing do you think would be fun to do together?

I write (and turn into comic form) fantasy horror, queer people and monsters in a fairyland. I'm good at drawing people and animals, and have gotten a fair bit of practice in drawing architecture and landscapes.

What do you like to write about?

@Sorl I like to write magical realism about the lives of my fellow Jews, encounters with the miraculous and strange, odd little stories about people moving through cities and cities acting through people, memoirish reflections about my life as a luftmensch, and I’m working on an epistolary sci fi novel about a migratory city

@Sorl it sounds like you’d most get a kick out of the Sci Fi novel. Wanna see the outline/ rough beginning of it and see if anything strikes your fancy?

I don't think writing about being raised Baha'i would hold my interest very long, but then again, I haven't been Baha'i for almost 13 years.

And yeah, I'd be interested to see the outline.

@Sorl lemme dm you a google doc link? I like your art by the way. There’s a realistic dynamism and fluidity of movement in your anatomy and line

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