Really listening to a full musical and singing along to every number hours, who's up?

@MoMartin that is a truly excellent one to sing along to though

@checkervest It's a great sing along, but man, is the book better. Like, everything that's shallow and rushed in the musical is expanded upon and well established. It leaves the musical looking very flat

@MoMartin I need to reread it! the translation I read in high school made the fascinating decision to just not translate big chunks of it and most of the last chapter was untranslated, it was infuriating, but what I could read of it I enjoyed immensely

@checkervest Bizarre! I'm really loving it. It has all the 19th century failings, from idealism and "progress" through misogyny and racism. But it really shines through that, a real meditation on the immiserating forces of society versus the human soul.

@MoMartin ooh I should add that to my schedule for the day.

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