An important thing Atenea pointed out to me: Racism is an issue not of morality, but of power. No one really cares if you like black people or don't like black people. They care that there is a system in place of dehumanizing and harming black people. Reflecting on whiteness and bias in yourself is valuable, but it's not as valuable as dismantling racist systems. Give money away, organize with your black co-workers against your boss, win battles in the public domain.

@MoMartin I'm not sure there's a clean separation. One of the ways the system works is by empowering people to act on that bias.

@hope I could have stated this better. What I meant was, no one cares if you're a good or bad person, if you harbor cruel and spiteful thoughts or not. What they care about is the systemic power to enforce that cruelty.

@hope @MoMartin

Absolutely agree.

I think unless all people confront how they identify with Whiteness & how they perpetrate and uphold practices of anti-Blackness then they are not going to be able to meaningfully confront systems/structures.

It starts with us, daily, individually and in our immediate relationships *and then* institutions.

And as #TerryCrews has been demonstrating, this means *all* people, not just those who are misguided enough to continue to chose to identify as White.

@MoMartin One thing to note from many racists, especially during segregation is that they didn't always know or even particularly care about black people, they just liked having what they considered justified perks and accommodations. That in itself was enough. Bigots don't always make a career out of it.

@MoMartin If you can only identify racists that wear white hoods, you will be blind to the majority of how racism functions.

@MoMartin The gravely important caveat to "[r]eflecting on whiteness and bias in yourself is valuable, but it's not as valuable as dismantling racist systems," is that, while that's cool, if you don't do the former then don't be surprised when you annoy, upset, or even direct harm towards people of color while oppressive systems still exist. More to write on this later but I'm gonna sleep.

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