You covered all that in a *day*? In text form? It must have been an absolute outpouring of ideas and thoughts in so short a time! @MoMartin why did you work @ArtistMarciaX so hard 😂

@lj_writes @ArtistMarciaX In retrospect, reading over this, I spent too much time on the question of white people and the work. Like, that was the question the discussion grew out of, "What do you do with the white gaze as an afro-indigenous artist" but if I were to do it again, or do it over, I'd ask more about the themes and ideas of the work itself.

That sounds awfully like @MoMartin is inviting @ArtistMarciaX to do a second interview...👀

I think it was worth talking about the white gaze for that particular interview, though, because this exchange was amazing:

@MoMartin : How do you define the white gaze to yourself?
@ArtistMarciaX : The white gaze is one in which I feel looked at, vs being seen.

I have seldom seen such a succinct and visceral expression of what that experience is like, and am amazed at both of you for drawing out that response and giving it.

@lj_writes @MoMartin Im gassed.

Bc i re read this part and wasn’t sure if it translated well

@ArtistMarciaX @MoMartin "Translated," as in would you say the equivalent phrase in Spanish has different connotations? Or maybe I'm thinking of a different sense of translation?

@lj_writes @MoMartin whenever mo is down, I’m down.

He needs a podcast honestly bc journalism these days could never

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