I'm still looking for an illustrator or illustrators for my website! If you read this and it inspires you in a visual way, I'd love to talk about collaborating! Can possibly compensate!

Especially looking to collaborate with Jewish artists, Indigenous artists, Black artists, Artists of Color, and artists with thoughts and feelings and work on cities, especially New York City!

@MoMartin have you read NK Jemisin's The City Born Great? Short story set in NYC. How does she draw the energy of a place into words, so they're bursting with it???

@MoMartin the repressed artist in me wants to put myself forward but i think you deserve better

@geske Well, if you change your mind, I'd love to see your work and talk about it?

@geske I'd be honored. I don't want to make any promises, but I'm happy to see what your work is like!

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