If this gets 10 boosts, I'll post a scifi story I wrote in 2011 about Dustbowl Era gangsters and a thermionic tube-programmed robot

Here it is, Tin-Man Rivets, a scifi story I wrote in Gosh, 2009, actually, for my friend's website, The Daily Robot. Hope you enjoy it, feel free to boost!

I only saw 3 boosts but who cares? I'm gonna read this :blobpopcorn:

> can you tell me how many human beings are in this room?"


"How many human beings are in this room?"


@rick_777 Yeah, it strikes me as a little sudden now. At the time, I remember just wanting to end it, but I think it turned out okay for all that.

well, after the ending, there wasn't really anything else to tell. It was a well executed ending. 👍

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