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Meta, stay or go, my new instance 

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Like my posts, boost my posts, and then support my Patreon. You read the writing first, and then the money is given to me. It's not a paywall, more of a pay door that I have lead you to with my writing. Walk through the pay door.

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I'm Mordecai P. Martin, but you can call me Mo. I write about Judaism, my life as a New Yorker who no longer lives in New York, cities, solidarity, my wife Atenea, my cat Pharaoh-Let-My-People-Go the Cat, and sometimes I get silly.

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Well well well, look who decided to follow my account. If it isn't all of you (and I'm so grateful)

Meta, stay or go, my new instance 

Meta, stay or go 

The important part of watching hydraulic press videos is letting yourself feel first elated and fascinated, then depressed and defeated, then back to elated, and finally, at peace.

Slight chance I'll rent space in the house Melville wrote Moby Dick in as a special birthday gift to myself

Learning to take risks in my writing by hacking into dark, forbidden energies

Good morning lovelies. Decisions to make today, things to say. Let's get to it, shall we?

Y'know what you don't see a lot of outside of academia? Titles with commas

Bride of Draculas. It's just one bride, but several draculas. It's an empowering feminist inversion of the usual trope.

My fursona? It's me, a human, comfortable in his own skin. Skinsona.

Pharaoh is, predictably, getting sweeter and more affectionate as it gets colder

I tried to write scifi set in the near future today, about a hundred years from now. It felt BAD! Like, who am I to predict the future?! None of this stuff is going to happen! Bad!

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Melodramatic expressions of pain in nature are Good. Run up a hill and cry into the sky. Sing to the sea. Lob rocks at the moon and then collapse into her arms sobbing. Feel your pain, express it with your body as much as you can, release it so that it doesn't fester and haunt you. The sea will listen to you; the sky will be there for you; the hill will hold you.

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#Indigenous Day stuff you can do right on the Internet! :boost_requested:

plus rants for Euro-descended people: Stop saying "Western" culture, just say fucking European. I mean comeon can y'all stop trying to act like you ain't culpable. Also it really pisses me off when Euros in Europe try to talk shit to their cousins in the U.S. Y'all made them and are them and it's your fault as much as theirs

#IndigenousPeoplesDay #native #indigedon

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Happy Indigenous People's Day

Fuck Spain

White people live on stolen land

The USA, Canada, and Mexico have been complicit in allowing Indigenous women to continue to go missing with very little intervention:

Stop forgetting about Black Indigenous people

If you can afford it, donate your money to MMIWUSA or just give directly to your indigenous friends (you do have indig friends, don't you?)

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