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I'm still looking for an illustrator or illustrators for my website! If you read this and it inspires you in a visual way, I'd love to talk about collaborating! Can possibly compensate!

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Out here being a friend today. Do you need a friend? Consider: Mo Martin

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I'm Mordecai P. Martin, but you can call me Mo. I write about Judaism, my life as a New Yorker who no longer lives in New York, cities, solidarity, my wife Atenea, my cat Pharaoh-Let-My-People-Go the Cat, and sometimes I get silly.

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Well well well, look who decided to follow my account. If it isn't all of you (and I'm so grateful)

Oh nice, I can use the leftover soup in my cholent. Thanks brain, for thinking of that!

*smiling benevolently from the mighty heights of fame and glory that my posts have raised me to* You are all my children

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please boost my posts accidentally and also on purpose

That sounds like I'm in safe terrain of writing from my own experience, but look closer and it's obvious that I run into the problem of needing to invoke other people's racial experiences, Black characters and other characters of color, as part of discussing that. So how do I do that well and gracefully, and without mangling my black characters and characters of color?

Some of the fiction I'm working on now is about Jews of my background, yes, but it's also about their attitudes about race, points of solidarity and points of profound failures of solidarity. In other words, I am trying to write about Jewish whiteness and racism.

I'm reading about this American Dirt thing, where this white woman has written an atrociously bungled and ill advised story of a Mexican woman, and is being rightfully torn into. And as a white Jewish writer it's giving me pause, in a good way. I'm taking some time to do some serious consideration of what kind of stories I can reasonably expect myself to write, what experiences can I examine.

@emsenn thanks for the boost of my website link! Did you get a chance to look at it or are you just being a nice person?

Some day I WILL write that experimental novel based on my emotional journey during chess games

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Yo not to toot my own admin's horn but Monsterpit is so fucking special. It's one of 2 (two!) forks developed by People of Color. The instance itself is very kin and neurodiverent friendly, and just as intolerant to white nonsense as the instances that get All that Noise. The Monsterfork code would make Gargron cry, it's absolutely focused on consent-based interaction. The other fork, Hometown, developed by Darius is equally good in different, and I believe complimentary, ways.
I guess, I want others to know that there's not just 2 or 3 instances administered by PoC, and mastodon is not your only code option. Pay a PoC developer Today!

🎼​Screaming, screaming, screaming internally!🎶​

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Y'know when you think about it, the game of chess is like a sword fight

The problem is, even the king, ultimately, is just a pawn in the game

This is yet another way of saying I miss New York

You all should come to my birthday party on Valentine's day

I mean, this is not a new take, Walter Benjamin and Marshall McLuhan and other cultural studies folks cover this. The way we receive information is part of the information itself.

I do actually think that one of the most dangerous facts of the social media-fication of our internet experience is that our news looks like our jokes looks like our propaganda looks like our updates from friends and family, as if it's all equally important and true.

I'm so sick of all my information appearing the same

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