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Destroy Airbnb and Sili Con Artist Valley 

uspol, late capitalism, police violence, birdsite screencap

hi, i'm twitter jack. recently, a bunch of indian people left my garbage platform over the petty insignificant fact that i love repressive government. now, i figure every human being is a dollar sign. that's my philosophy. so i'm here to introduce my new federated social network, Masterdon: the first federated social network linked directly to a CIA database

‪Publications for the tArGeT dEmO run by anyone but <<<<<‬

‪Publications for the tArGeT dEmO but center stereotypes ‬<<<<<<

If you don’t watch Interior Design, glass-blowing, and modern hip hop contest shows on Netflix for the same reasons, you and I are not the same fam

We should be celebrating the achievements of all of these folks because what they've accomplished has never been done before, Black or white. We are living in a privileged time to be in an era where we are witness to this kind of talent, drive, intelligence and success against overwhelming odds.

Instead we get salty white men calling LeBron 'disrespectful' for doing something very nice for a fan.

Even when we excel, white people still hate us. That's how racist the US is and always has been.

Everything's just always happening like god damn

:chick_paperboat:​ I heard there's a cess pool. Better get my boat out.

if your boss gets you sick you should get to take off as many days as you miss

cast iron can have a little soap, as a treat

Can you all do me a big favor please? Click through to the story and use the Medium app to ‘clap’ for the story. It helps me get more visibility on the site and potentially get paid more through Medium’s revenue sharing feature. I would *really* appreciate it also. :goose_peek:

i've been here for 4 hours i should probably start working huh

Mastodon is becoming a cesspool of thoughtful culture commentary

So I made a debut today. On a new Medium publication called LEVEL, focused on the personal development and exploration of the interior lives of Black and Brown men. My debut essay is title “I Don’t Care My Dad Is Homeless and Has Dementia” and here’s the link for anyone who can relate or wants to read. I appreciate you all

Silicon Valley’s trite rehash of the same Fish Out of Water Crew Hits It Big is a great palate cleanser for the miiiiindfuuuuuck that is Watchmen

Good morning to Only Fans SWers and no one else. You’ve already made my day bright :drake_like:

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