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... I wanted to share a story about game dev/event volunteering and my motivations and it basically boils down to - when I work an event, one of my main goals is to make sure attendees are not getting harassed and feel welcome - because that was not the experience I had when I first started going to them. Industry has come a long way and still has a long way to go.

Got to offer advice on volunteering at game conferences/events to a recent graduate today and it reminded me how much I love working at shows.

That said, if you ever want something explained badly... I'll be right here.

*digs out the 5 pages of instructions I wrote on how to construct a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from gradeschool.*

I am an expert-level bad-explainer.

Except for like... ducks. And wiring. Those I can probably do.


Me: The weather will be warmer in a few days, just gotta hang in there.

Also Me: 😐

The solution to leaving my headlamp everywhere is apparently just to wear a beanie hat underneath it. Then I forget I'm wearing it, but I find it faster.

Reinforcing and adding disconnects to a lighting fixture. The now-black wire was very low quality and cracking where it bent.

Some very cute ducks out this AM. Also, it is frigid and icy. They're super shy, unfortunately.

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Snow's been falling for a while and is just starting to stick. When I went to school in Phoenix, I used to drive to Flagstaff in the winter just to look at the snow.

It's a super-basic and common failure: the wire broke from repeated flexing where it entered the dremel. So all I'm actually doing is re-tinning the wires ao that they can be reinserted.

And they had the gall to put torx screws on this thing! Consumer products need to be repairable.


Surprising absolutely no one, the weather couldn't care less what I think.

Would actually be kinda cool if the rain turned to snow long enough for me to get my laundry back to the boat. ._.

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