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Cultural Heritage / Family Dysfunction 

Last night we tested out the lighting circuits and everything we've wired up so far is working. :blobcathappy:

We just need to do the galley, finish the solar, install a few fans, swap out the VHF antenna, and we should pretty much be set.

The rest of my dream, which woke me up, was a cooperative rhythm-based rafting/wavepool game. Probably thanks to our current garbage weather.

I have a very difficult time feeling "home" anywhere. I think that I'm just now starting to feel truly comfortable and at home on Blackthorn after three and a half years. It's mostly a good feeling, and I hope that the feeling that something bad must happen since I'm finally settling in will pass before too long.

Night has fallen on the west coast and the shitposters are out in full force. :blobcatfearful:

On the flipside, that same quality also makes it easy to pick out and helps to guarantee its eventual demise.

One of the worst things about whiteness is how well it insulates white folks (especially privileged ones) from self-examination.

FF9's writing is really, really not holding up. How did I even enjoy this garbage as a kid? :blobcatgoogly:

A grizzled boater called me "captain" on the dock today. :blobcatfingerguns:

Alcoholic Drink (extremely cursed) 

There's a little duck parade out in the marina right now.:blobcathappy:

Humans being awful since forever, but probably especially mainstream western culture: 

Dysfunctional Medical System (+) 

TMI minor physical injury 

Pro tip for wiring your boat:
Don't stick a wire through a hole and then terminate it with a connector that won't fit back through said hole. You're being an ass to someone ( likely your future self) every time you do that.

Dysfunctional Medical System 

Selfie, ec 

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