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Feeling like the morning in"good morning" should be attached to the speaker so my brain can stop reminding me that it's not morning for lots of people every time I want to type it.

... Good morning from the PNW, my brain is 100% on its bullshit today. :blobcatflower:

Pro-tip / Hill I Might Die On:
There's no such thing as cheating at cooking.

Sometimes is banning the spouseband from moving around the boat for his own safety until I've completed the Towers of Hanoi challenge that is retrieving some canned vegetables.

mh (~) childhood abuse, perfectionism 

mh (~) childhood abuse, perfectionism 

mh (~) childhood abuse, perfectionism 

mh (~) childhood abuse, perfectionism 

All caps 

Finally 95% on our battery compartment wiring, including some cable management. All that remains (I think) is to bring a positive lead from the solar fuse block into here.

It's very calm out today, but more weather should be rolling in tomorrow.

Now I'm brushing my teeth
And today's gonna suck
And it's all in my head
But I just saw a duck now

Hold the phone
And I gotta see, look at her cute beak
What a perfect duck

I was feeling alright
When I went to sleep last night
I was feeling alright, I was feeling alright

Now I'm tired af
Waiting for my cuppa to brew
While this song's stuck in my head
And I don't know what to do

Today's mood:
Crawling out of my bed
And I've been doing not great
Gotta gotta get up
Because I've got shit to do

Dysfunctional Medical System 

Dysfunctional Medical System 

the meme format is crumbling many and blame mastodon

Are there words for/related to the experience of consuming a piece of media (book, song, show, game, etc..) at a time when it has a much larger impact than it might normally?

If not, I feel like we need to create some, because this seems to be a fairly common and widespread phenomena. The closest thing I've heard is people saying that they "found something when they really needed it" or that something "spoke to them".


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