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Gotta say, there's a lot of ableist/"survival of the fittest"/ elitist toxicity that always seems to be found in and around boating, and I don't like it.

I see it all over the place, from the way people in the community communicate online, to how marinas refuse to take even basic steps to keep their docks safe.

Cannot wait until we can sail somewhere warmer for the winter.

In the meanwhile... :blobcatmorningcoffee:

Cursed, Body Horror 

re: Website with crappy search functionality 

A good thing to remember: A lot of people you admire are going to end up having shitty beliefs and doing harmful things. That's your opportunity to learn from their mistakes and strive to do better.

Extreme Weather ( Western WA State ) :boost_ok: 

Question about JK Rowling 

Witchcraft is great - blindly following a proven racist cult-of-personality and actively being part of the problem? Not so much.

Can't tell if subway tooter is just busted, it is actually setting my boosts to followers-only, or something else entirely is happening. ._. Anybody know?

Oof, finally hooked up all the batteries to the charger after rewiring most of it to add in overcurrent protection and other improvements, and it appears to be working just fine. :blobcatmelt3:

Gender Shitpost 

Gender Identity Musing 

Medical Training Question, :boost_ok: 

Doing all your heatshrink with a lighter builds character, I tell myself, quietly annoyed that I didn't get buy-in from the spouseband on getting a little electric heatgun. :blobcathissing:

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