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Shoutout to all the technical writers/folks who write documentation. I'm one of those people who actually enjoys reading manuals. What you do is awesome and it's a pleasure to read well-written manuals.

i want to see the characters who make the prerecorded presentations frequently used in spy and superhero briefings

I want to see them hustling with 45 minutes to deadline to throw together still shots, maps, historical blueprints, video clips, animations, audio fx, and typography so that the world's best troubleshooting team can receive their vital plot exposition

#graphicdesign #multimedia

Finally completed the gallery page for my "Fasciation" ink drawing series.


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On the bus to the longbus, there was a passenger openly discussing transitioning and going on hormones with some friends, surrounded by strangers, and it was fucking cool and heartwarming to happen to be in the vicinity of that.

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Marijam Didžgalvytė is one of the few really vocal leftists I know in videogames, and was one of the people doing good work this past year in guiding the UK chapter of Game Workers Unite toward becoming part of the IWGB (instead of adopting the tech mentality of "we don't need backup, we can invent everything from scratch!")

If you have the means to support, she just launched a patreon for her work: -->

On a bolt bus for the next two hours and bored off my ass, AMA.

I'm still looking for an illustrator or illustrators for my website! If you read this and it inspires you in a visual way, I'd love to talk about collaborating! Can possibly compensate!

Just discovered black beans and sweet potatoes are a complete protein when paired together.

I feel like... I feel like my life just changed...

hello hello!! my name’s connor (or evi), i’m 17, she/they, and i’m a white queer disabled disaster
i’m very into about poetry, shakespeare, studio ghibli, storytelling, embroidery and other fiber arts, critical role, accessibility and animal crossing!! pls talk to me i am very awkward and don’t know how much time i’ll spend on here but i want to make friends!

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