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Anyone know a good borscht recipe they'd be willing to share/point me toward?

suicide, eugenics, autism 

If you'd like to support me as I continue to maintain Elekk, write code, and perform acts of art and writing with various levels of skill, now is the best time to join my Patreon:

At this point, Patreon is basically the only regular income I have, so every little bit helps. Thank you!

I just came out to my team and I’m still shaking a little but it was so worth it when one of them used my name 😁

Happy #Wenbiesday y’all 🎊

For any folks feeling a bit uncomfortable or confused about the current discourse, here's a great first book to pick up. Bonus: If you read this book, you'll learn stuff without burdening the POC around you.
*Reading this book won't absolve you of your guilt and doesn't count as fighting for intersectional justice.

If you wanted to read my interview with @ArtistMarciaX all in one place, without clicking through a bunch of toots, ch-ch-ch-check it out here!

Idk who needs to hear this but if you're not indigenous and feel like you have the right to comment on what indigenous communities should do, you need to sit your ass back down in your lane. Colonizers don't get to decide what anti-colonialism is, period :blobcatsip:

Reminder that autistic people are suspected to be the type of person that performed scouting roles throughout history.

We're not a danger to you, assholes. We're more likely to be the ones that *warn* you about it when it comes.

So @ArtistMarciaX was nice enough to make time for a series of questions I had for them about being an afro indigenous artist and the whiteness of audiences when they posted the other day, so I'm just gonna go for it here. Mute if you're not interested, follow along if you are!

I think I shared some of these on here before, but... these are some of my favorite photos from the last two months we spent out on the water.

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