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So @ArtistMarciaX was nice enough to make time for a series of questions I had for them about being an afro indigenous artist and the whiteness of audiences when they posted the other day, so I'm just gonna go for it here. Mute if you're not interested, follow along if you are!

I think I shared some of these on here before, but... these are some of my favorite photos from the last two months we spent out on the water.

The spouseband came in to tell me he really liked my new halfling subrace from yesterday's inktober and I think that's like the ultimate confirmation that I really effed up my proportions. :blobcatgoogly:

money (-), help urgently needed 

"May the universe rain down blessings on your dumb arse."
Done. No more drawing fur, please.
#mastoart #art #otter

mental health joke 

i mean i've never *really* seen people talk about the relationship between colonialism and environmentalism in any meaningful way on mastodon so..........

anyone know of any nickel free pronoun pins (or a place I could order custom printed ones maybe?) (boosts appreciate)

I just opened an Etsy shop. You bitches need to go my my stuff.

Need to convince rich yachties to back my patreon so that I have enough income to support marginalized folks.

I know that I can get rich armchair sailors to throw money toward vicariously living out their boat dreams.
I'm less convinced that I can get them to give a shit about other human beings.

food service job at a live music venue available. hmu if you are in Seattle, are over 21, and want to work in a kitchen with queers and comrades

🏩 unfortunate aid request 🏩 I’m a disabled/chronically ill afrolatinx trans person. My doctor thinks I have internal bleeding causing chronic anemia. He told me I need to get a colonoscopy & endoscopy ASAP (he tried to schedule it on my birthday next wk 😭). Problem is, it costs $250 per procedure for copay. I can’t afford $500. If anyone can help, I’d be so grateful. “Proof” in photos below. Plz boost. 💓

Venmo: vicente-vazquez-2

A lot of is basically turning yourself into a very specific sort of prepper ._.*

Don't remember who kicked this off originally, but just remembered that the Low Income wiki exists: . Lots of topics that could benefit from some expertise from the fediverse. is having a halloween sale right now so go play all my games for free!!

A latino owned, queer-friendly, majority-femme software company that builds education software for Montessori schools is hiring a full-time engineer, either on-site in Seattle or remote. ~2ish years experience either in Rails or React preferred.

They're very synchronous and face-to-face pairing/discussion oriented but work well with introverts such as myself.

Boosts appreciated. HMU if you want an intro or go to


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