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I'm trying to remember the name of an old indie/DIY tabletop role-playing game I used to play when I was a kid. I can't for the life of me remember its name or core mechanics.

It was printed DIY style and I picked it up from a GenCon in the late 80s or early 90s when I was a kid.

It's a sci-fi game and most of the artwork was reminiscent of Space Marines. I don't think it was ever actually published, though.

Anyone know what it might be? We played the heck out of it in middle school.

“Scientific racism coexists alongside historical amnesia in scientific institutions and the practice of science today. A senior academic at the University College London was holding eugenics conferences, allegedly in secret, since at least 2015. Colonial conservation practices continue to displace indigenous peoples from their land in order to establish protected areas or game reserves.”

The Future of Science Is Black

Omfg it's that time of the year when Canadian geese fly overhead at random hours of the night and day honking their brains out and I LOVE it! :blobcatrainbow:

Still doing icon commissions, if you get one now I can promise to have Halloween ones done before Halloween so you have some time to show em off :)
Just $20USD!
#creativetoots #transartist #unemployed #lowincome

:lotalac: Cualli teotlac, mimichtin! 🐠 Professor Citlali back finally with a new Empire thread! We had a good bit of fun yesterday with a trivia- and for those of you that missed it, I'll be running them on the weekends from now on. Today however! I'll be discussing a topic that maybe you've been wondering how its taken me so long to address it, well wonder no longer. Today we are talking about:

Warfare and Weapons of the Mexica Empire :kitten_knife:

Lets begin!

Coffee gremlin wishing folks a late but happy while searching for my seal friends.
Marked sensitive for eye contact/coffee

I got Kind Words and have been playing it for two hours straight. It's a very cute little game that lets you send and reply to messages anonymously, with a focus on trying to ask for help/advice/kind words (haha) and sending them in return.
It's also very cute and has a chill soundtrack.

A patch of bioluminescent organisms was floating by just as it started raining last night and it made it look like tiny monochromatic fireworks were going off.

asking for help, $ 

Supposed to be blustery tomorrow, so we're like battening down the hatches and junk.

I like my coffee like I like to forget and leave my french press brewing for 20 minutes. :blobcatcoffee:

important crustacean news! Ghost crabs use teeth in their stomach to growl at their enemies

"X-ray fluoroscopy videos revealed that the rasping sounds coincided with the movements of the teeth in their foreguts, known as gastric mills"

the article also notes other mechanisms ghost crabs use to signal each other–maybe the kind of nuanced sociality needed living close by each other in burrows

The wizards glared, but their feline familiars purred, curled into each other in their little nest, all whiskers and fur.

They had been rivals since day one, and that was not about to stop now.

Except their familiars had fallen in love, and a litter was due any day now.

So for the sake of that, the wizards shared a residence, and tried to out 'grandparent' the other.

The familiars were fine with this, as long as nobody yelled.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #Fantasy

alc, consent, guns, violence and violation, self harm 

alc, consent, guns, violence and violation 

alc, consent, guns, violence and violation 

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