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hello friends

do you want a drawing of your beloved cat, dog, gila monster, cockatoo, etc? please let me draw them for you

prices starting at $20 for a drawing like the one below, but of YOUR pet. (rates may vary depending on the kind of animal and how difficult their markings are)

boosts are appreciated also

Don't want to shine a light on myself cause I don't feel I've earned it, but instead, I will share my great uncle! May he rest in peace.

Uncle Mario came to the US from Las Flores when he was a young man with his brother Juan (my grandfather!)

He made a living for awhile doing breathtaking matte paintings for cinema, and then relocated to Taos, NM to work on modernist art. He was also a handsome fucker. He is best known for his work on King Kong, but also worked on Citizen Kane.

Alright, we made it down to Watmough Bay after setting out at 8AM. Hopefully we'll make it back across the straight tomorrow.

Some photos that I couldn't upload a few days ago. We're now in the south end of the same bay, and the reception is much better here. Tomorrow we should be sailing south, starting our return trip to Bremerton/Seattle. Wish us luck, fediverse!

We barely have signal here if we go up on deck and stand in one spot, and that spot changes every time the boat swings.

🚨 Soni L is a stalker. Not metaphorically not hyperbolically, she’s a fucking stalker. Who’s targeted Marcia, Ro, Myself and this instance. She’s targeted us with racist hate and honestly Marcia has gotten the worst of it. I’m not gonna be quiet or cute about this. We’ve said “No”, “Leave us alone”, “You’re blocked” but still she finds us and drags herself into our mentions. This is abuse.

Well, I'm completely incapable of uploading pictures here, so those will have to come later. Anyways, we've been sailing the last two days and our first day out was an intense day with winds up to 20kts and some small waves. We ended up with two reefs in our main and were pushing over 7kts at points, which is a lot for Blackthorn! It was good practice for us without really being in danger, and it definitely came as a shock to my system after so much time sailing in gentle winds lately.

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"This realm is nice. You guys are nice."

hey y'all, i'm gettin' really close to my goal on patreon so i can afford to do private art streams for my supporters~

consider becoming a patron to gain access to that AND all the stuff i post on patreon waaaay before i post it anywhere else, as well as exclusive content.


Long ago, the four nations lived in harmony.

Please feel free to suggest patch ideas of literally any kind! (Particularly if you're and/or ! I want us to have what we want) Doesn't have to be, like, political? or whatever, although it can be. Really anything, including you're own arts possibly?!

(please boost 💚​ )

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🎶One of these dinghies is not like the others 🎶

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Hey things are not great for me economically through the summer, I am waiting for my student loan said to start up in August. If you want to help me buy food trough the summer consider donating to my paypal at

If you cannot that is fine and please enjoy the poetry <3

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