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Yesterday I visited Lambert House, a community center for LGBTQ youth, for the first time to drop off some stuff. I had no idea the place existed until recently even though my first apt in Seattle was just a few blocks away.

There were a bunch of young folks just hanging out and enjoying being themselves and I walked away wishing there had been somewhere like that when I was growing up. I also might have turned into a big wet blanket about the whole thing. It was so cool to see.

In other news, I just disrupted 3 seagulls having an accapella rave by shouting directly at our window.

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Just a reminder that the 3/5 ppl running PV are Queer WoC.

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Two hours of work (straight to inks) on some adventure module book art. #ttrpg #osr

When you're reading a thread full of content warnings in Mastodon, do you get annoyed at having to open each warning one by one?

There's a really easy way to open all the warnings in a thread at once:

1. Go to the thread
2. Click on the eye-shaped icon in the top right corner to toggle all warnings open or closed

That's it!

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

Just watched a crow and a seagull team up to bully a bald eagle in flight into dropping its catch and leaving.

Friendly reminder that the Blackbirds' Guide to Multiplicity exists.

If you're questioning about plurality, or if you're plural for sure and need to explain it to singlets you're coming out to, do recommend.

Did a somewhat overdue oil and oil filter change, replaced the pencil zinc, and took a crack at fixing a drip leak in the engine plumbing.

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Oh... the part I need isn't in this easy access duffle...
Welp. *proceeds to disassemble half the v-berth to reach the other duffle.*

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Fun Boatlife Facts: If you're out on the water in the dark and hear heavy breathing with no apparent source, it's probably a harbor seal loafin' around.

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