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Time to try and catch up on my mermays ._.

Got 5 hours of sleep and had some genuinely strange dreams that I can't remembe

:blobcatpeek: Support an independent author?

For every book I sell, I pet my cat and say 'We *did* it!'

My librarians-and-necromancy fantasy is out now.

If you want, you can read the first three chapters for free here:

:blobcatpeek: ok bye

reminder that i have an active #patreon. it's really just kind of a tip jar with perks and exclusive content, but if you can't or don't want to commission me, it's a nice way to help me rely less on wage slavery to survive

Reasons Why You Should Be Contacting @RAPIDPUNCHES for Art Commissions:

1) They're fast

2) They're affordable-- like: it-feels-criminal affordable

3) It's a rare talent to have a range that runs from neon shark ladies in workout gear to enormous wasps terrorizing grannies (as RP drew for my book WITCHES TOWN -- now available! see my pinned post!)

4) You need art. Maybe a new avatar. Maybe your friend needs an avatar. The perfect gift! Or something for your wall... or book project... or...

💚 here's 40+ PDFs for coping skills, challenging thoughts, managing anger, managing distress, identifying and rating feelings, relaxation, sleep hygiene, and therapist materials :blobheartcat:

let's give it up one time for trans masc folks for being just fantastic




As I use a heat gun to remove old varnish: I feel like the name "hair dryer" is a missed opportunity.

There's also a substantial population of purple martins here. They make the most beautiful sounds.

A pair of Canadian geese are nesting on one of the derelict boats in the marina. We were walking to the showers this morning and one of the geese was peeking over the railing to keep an eye on us as we passed.

Just randomly remembered that when I was a kid I had a 4-5ft long catfish body pillow. Apparently this was something they sold at walmart where my mom worked. I did a presentation about amphibious fish to my science class and used it as an excuse to take my fish pillow to school with me.

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