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In almost exactly the same place today, but the portholes are magic this week. Happy folks :blobcatflower:

Image hidden for eye contact.



@Mainebot Try-harding at being the worst CEO. Maybe he'll pave over some parks and start tracking his employees via a mandatory app next. ._.

mh / treatment (+/-) 

mh / treatment (+/-) 

@Cathymarinara This is great info and insight, thank you for sharing. :D There's hope yet!

@Cathymarinara Any predictions on how soon plaid will lose it's super-gendered status for intimates? It seems to waver around Christmas.

@pagrus @hafnia Same boat, for sure. I started thinking about it and then had to change my line of thinking so that I wouldn't make myself sad.

Super fun to hear folks' voices.

... I wanted to share a story about game dev/event volunteering and my motivations and it basically boils down to - when I work an event, one of my main goals is to make sure attendees are not getting harassed and feel welcome - because that was not the experience I had when I first started going to them. Industry has come a long way and still has a long way to go.

Got to offer advice on volunteering at game conferences/events to a recent graduate today and it reminded me how much I love working at shows.

That said, if you ever want something explained badly... I'll be right here.

*digs out the 5 pages of instructions I wrote on how to construct a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from gradeschool.*

I am an expert-level bad-explainer.

Except for like... ducks. And wiring. Those I can probably do.

@nothingwindsky @ArtistMarciaX Pretty sure they grant you an endless stream of shitposts on a topic of your choice.

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