Dysfunctional Medical System 

Dysfunctional Medical System 

the meme format is crumbling many and blame mastodon

Are there words for/related to the experience of consuming a piece of media (book, song, show, game, etc..) at a time when it has a much larger impact than it might normally?

If not, I feel like we need to create some, because this seems to be a fairly common and widespread phenomena. The closest thing I've heard is people saying that they "found something when they really needed it" or that something "spoke to them".


@Napdragon I'd forgotten all about these wonderful critters for years :blobcathappy:

@Napdragon oh my gosh :D I think she's a tenrec. So cute and fierce looking!

Some of my :

- Goat-feet (passive): ( grants bonus to navigating hazardous terrain )
- Proficiency in burrito wrapping

Wholesome sighting: Two kids charging down the park path with phones out, almost certainly playing Pokemon Go. 5 seconds later, a parent charging after them, also with a phone out.

Not normally much of a "mission statement/goal/mantra" oriented person since most of my life has been in more of a "survival" mindset, but the principle of "Do less harm," has been becoming more and more present in my mind.

If I can't find someone who makes them, I'm just going to do it myself. But then I'll like only do them as commissions to avoid having to file my business taxes quarterly or something ridiculous. :blobcatgoogly:

Wanted: Cute animal/enby (or better, both) themed cell-phone charm style keychain things to put on my USB sticks so I don't lose them. :boost_ok:

It is very moody out. Trekked to the coffee shop after a few days of being cooped up. Feeling better today than the last few. Definitely helps that it's warmer out.

@nothingwindsky Thanks! I intend to wear it until it eventually disintegrates :blobcathappy: Might give it some elbow reinforcements and patches eventually.

Just... mulling things over aloud as I putter along on this wiring project, as is my nature.

It's very hard for me to let go of frustration/anger over what feel like past wrongs against me. But I hope that I can eventually because the only person it's still hurting is me (and indirectly, the people who care about me).

Parenting (-) (fatphobia, and other bad things) 

Parenting (-) (fatphobia, and other bad things) 

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