My wife @vy looks like a boss-ass bitch in this dress that @bxtchimSMOKE gave us!!!
boost and tell her she’s pretty pls 🖤✨

@Mainebot Yup. I'm just like a walking posterboard for, "Hey young artists - Do not be like me, you will almost 100% end up destitute and probably die young if you live in the same country I live in and do this." Too bad developing one's creative skills doesn't automatically improve one's sense of self-worth.

@Mainebot Yeah. Mistakes were made. I am in the extremely fortunate position of being able to afford working for $1/hr for a while. I have learned A LOT on the bright side, and this is entirely my own fault.

*crunches some numbers* Ah, yes... I'm working for about $1/hr.

If there's one thing I've learned from this whole project, it's that I should never be allowed to set my own rate. ._.*

@artilectzed lol, I don't even know who this guy is XD I just loved his expression.

@artilectzed Not gonna lie, first thing that comes to mind is all your great photos. It's extra cool because you're in the same region as me, so it's cool to see glam shots of all the flora and fauna in my neighborhood pop up in my timeline. Thank you for sharing them!

@xenophora You're welcome! Thanks, she liked it a lot! Here's a version with color correction and a few tweaks post-scanning :D The art is for her wedding invitations, and she said I could do whatever I wanted with the painting. I don't think I posted this version on here.

@JigmeDatse We haven't directly interacted much, but I really enjoy hearing about what's on your mind. A lot of the time I don't know what to say in regards to your posts, but it's nice to know there's another person out there sharing their thoughts and experience. Side note: A lot of the time I read your posts and am like, "I should go to bed, too" >_< So, thank you for being my "it's bedtime" reminder by chance a lot of the time.

@fool You have an excellent sense of humor and are a very genuine and easy to interact with person and friend. Granted, having known you since college definitely contributes to that. But yeah, I feel really fortunate to have known you for as long as I have.

@xenophora You are considerate and thoughtful in what/how you post, and a lot of your posts are very relatable to me. And I enjoy the things you boost as well (a lot of the time I end up muting boosts from accounts I follow, because stuff gets crowded).

On top of that, your collages are really lovely and I it's always fun seeing them pop up on my feed! (redrafted because tags are hard XD)

@eightbitsamurai My pretty much inexperienced opinions: I think it depends entirely on the artist? Sending a DM telling someone what to do, even if it's something positive like that could probably rub some folks the wrong way, but it'd be easy to phrase it as a, "hey, I think your art is worth more and I'm happy to charge more!" The tipping thing seems less likely to ruffle any feathers, especially if you're able to include some sort of note with it explaining that it's intentional.

I have energy for it, so feel free to like this post and you'll eventually get an @ with some sort of compliment or at least something positive if my brain is failing too hard at compliments.

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