Really appreciate being able to poke my head in here on the rare occasions that I do have internet lately and see important conversations, art, interesting/important info, tidbits of daily life and so on from so many awesome people. Thanks for being a part of my digital window into the world around me.

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:lotalac: Cualli teotlac, mimichtin!🐠 Hello and welcome again to another thread about The Aztec Empire! I really should come up with a name for this series 🤔 Any suggestions?

Today we will be discussing a topic often brought up in media with about 0% understanding of the source or lore: The fierce and mighty gods and goddesses of the Mexica Pantheon :sugarskull:

As always: Questions and comments encouraged! And if you can spare it, please tip the writer!

Practicing whipping ropes and doing some minor maintenance today.

Hey hey hey

If you draw paint model make.movies.write, all kinds of things

If you are casual or professional

You are a real artist 💙

Can confirm harbor seals make cute little yawning sounds not unlike dogs in addition to their many other huffles, grunts, snorts, and wubs.

@extinct These systems waste so much time and energy and cause so much uneccessary stress as they're currently implemented. I'm sorry you're dealing with that and I hope it gets resolved soon.

if anyone wants a book cover designed
please let me help you

If you fuck up.... That's okay! It happens.

What you need to do then is legitimately apologise, actually understand where you went wrong, and then fix it. Make a legit effort to learn and fix it.

You get called racist? We are all unlearning generations of racism. Just admit it, apologize, learn why it was racist, and correct yourself.

No need to make a scene. No matter how embarrassed you are.

Just apologize and move on. You can gush about your embarrassment later, after you patched it over.

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One of the dumbest crimes I have to commit as a boater is finding places to recycle our garbage.

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