Boat quirk: There's a window to a compartment full of ropes behind our wind instrument.

I really hate to do this again, it feels like a thing I do not deserve, but I think I may be forced to. My family's financial status is just been getting worse. I live alone with my mother, we're both unemployed and both kinda mentally disabled; I struggle with anxiety and my mother with med addiction (although she's starting therapy today so I hope it will be alright). To make it even harder one of my grandparents got diagnosed with lung cancer this week and they're unable to help us right now.

It's hard for us to afford most basic things like food, personal hygiene products, public transport tickets or gas bottles (we cook on small outdoor tourist stove).
Thank you so much everyone who donate or boost this toot!

I am available on PayPal under my deadname:

If you wish to know more about me contact me alis(at)!
Thank you all again <3

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you can now obtain digital vouchers for custom artwork commissions from me to give as gifts!

load up whole dollar amounts or just pre-purchase a type of commission to be redeemed later!

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Just thought I'd mention again:

I have a FREE or Pay What You Want .pdf copy of my Snowflakes Colouring Book available here:


They're easy to print out and colour to your heart's content!

#ColouringBook #ColoringBook #ColouringPages #ColoringPages #Lineart #Free #MastoArt #CreativeToots #Snowflakes #Mandalas

I don't know, homie. I just think it's funny how folks can suspend disbelief about dragons, extraterrestrial life, zombies, etc, but the part they can't accept is Black/Brown in space being full ass whole characters. Folks can't accept sci fi sagas being told from the perspective of a woman.

It's hilarious the most common concepts and ideas that relate to one's humanity is what bigots reject.

I can't stop laughing.

Would anyone like a 15$ headshot sketch? @Fenrir and I are super hungry, we'd really appreciate it 🦌

ok I'm an idiot and forgot to try and get this one earlier, but I'm looking to commission some art of my #DnD group

3 - 6 characters, scenery, full colour, ideally 11x17 with dynamic poses. How do I shop for this?

Boosts welcome

Playing with family and very much enjoying my Inox brute, Garr. Good excuse to draw a bit again.

White queers aren't the only fucking queer people on this damn website.

Stop speaking over other queer people.

White queers are still white. And still have to overcome internalized racism and bullshit. Being queer does not erase how they're white.

Stop acting like your queerness means you can speak above POC or indigenous people.

And stop using your queer card when you get called out for racism.

Be a fucking adult and own up to when you say something shitty.

I'm done with y'all.

@wxcafe Disclaimer: I haven't released a game as an indie dev, but knowing what I know from having worked with publishers, my recommendations would be:
- Buy the game directly from the dev at full price if possible (buy through whatever format they recommend if not)
- Leave reviews/favs on other sites where the game is available, like steam
- Recommend the game to friends who might like it, especially if it's not something that's gone viral.

Terrible Product Idea: Electric toothbrush that owns its noisiness and just makes wookie sounds.

Still got a lot of slots left for the $7 avatar flash sale!

Please help me recoup from an unexpected cost :)
#artistsinneed #transartists

Wanna help out on Thanksgiving Day to an AfroIndigenous person?

Boost and/or donate to my "On the Road to PhD" gofundme

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