Practicing whipping ropes and doing some minor maintenance today.

Haven't had the time or inspiration for much drawing lately, but here's a quick doodle of my crittersona.

So, if anyone wants this incredibly classy design I was roped into making for a bachelorette party on a shirt, sticker, button, or other assorted goods, that dream can now become a reality.

Alright, we made it down to Watmough Bay after setting out at 8AM. Hopefully we'll make it back across the straight tomorrow.

Some photos that I couldn't upload a few days ago. We're now in the south end of the same bay, and the reception is much better here. Tomorrow we should be sailing south, starting our return trip to Bremerton/Seattle. Wish us luck, fediverse!

🎶One of these dinghies is not like the others 🎶

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(5/5) So, here's hoping that we have more incredible opportunities like this during our adventures. Honestly, the day of sailing was mostly a wash and we had to motor the last stretch to reach our destination, but the orcas made things a lot more enjoyable.

(4/5) We saw at least 7 different whales over the course of about 2 hours. The wind seemed to die whenever they popped up, so we'd just be sitting there becalmed and watching them. There was a mother and calf that swam well clear of us, away from the main group. I have a few more photos that I'll upload later, but I just wanted to share these while the experience was fresh in my mind.

(3/5) I don't know a whole lot about these animals, but the experience definitely made me want to learn more. I missed a TON of amazing shots during this whole experience (including some breaching 😭​), but I'm really glad that I got to capture a few decent ones.

(2/5) We started seeing some other whales as we kept on sailing. A small pack of whale watching boats also came through, following them around.

(1/5) Uploading these in a thread because the internet is being garbage, but orcas! Yesterday, we were sailing north up Haro Strait and a whale popped up a hundred or two feet in front of our boat. Then, it swam right under us, probably 4 feet under the water, before resurfacing behind us. I never thought I would get to be so close to a whale.

Underway again, currently sailing up Haro Strait toward the northwest tip of San Juan Island.

This is Aleck Bay, where we're currently anchored. It's been very peaceful with just one other neighbor. Hardly any reception, so I've been chugging away on editing. We'll likely be sailing further north in another day or two. Our first crossing of the Strait of Juan de Fuca was thankfully uneventful.

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