(1/2) Alright, some more sea doggo spam. Harbor seals are good and I love them.

Not the best quality photos, but was lucky enough to see one out on the breakwater as I was rowing in this morning.

And now for some sunset photos from a few nights ago on Phinney Bay.

(1/2) Time for some sea doggo spam. We spotted at least 6 different harbor seals goofing around in Phinney Bay during our time there. They mostly stayed pretty far from the boat.

Our connectivity sucks out here... but we're having a gorgeous sunset.

Incredibly peaceful out here and loads of harbor seals to boot.

Finally messing around with CSP again. Here's a random disembodied cat head.

Had a random idea and decided to execute on it. Here's the rough first draft of what you can expect if you follow me:

I think this is a purple martin. They're all over the marina and have the most beautiful songs. They look almost black unless you catch them in the right light.

This has been our main project over the last few weeks: Redoing a bunch of Blackthorn's brightwork. Hopefully our efforts and some light maintenance will keep the wood in decent shape for a good long while. It isn't all looking this nice, but some parts came out really well. We're almost there!

I need to make more pride-themed art, but here's what I've got. Happy , y'all!

Muppet, posing for a glam shot after swallowing a fish.

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