Sneaking up some more drawings while I have wifi. Some body horror on the last one.

Happy ! Working on rebedding a leaky hatch with the spouseband.

Image hidden for eye contact.

Pretty well off-grid while in Canada. But here's some pretty fog/clouds and trees.

The spouseband's herringbone stitches to repair the tear on the backside.

Sail repair attempt. Rope grommets/eyelets are going to take some getting used to.

Coffee gremlin wishing folks a late but happy while searching for my seal friends.
Marked sensitive for eye contact/coffee

This weather mostly sucks. At least it's still bright out. Hopefully we'll get a bit more sun tomorrow for the batteries.

Remembered that is a thing, so hullo! Content warned for eye contact.

Have a little time to catch up on some things and go through photos. The quality is terrible, but the cuteness if off the charts.

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