Sharing this here in case anyone wants this for something random, like annoying family members.

Bit of self-promo. One of the things I do is make designs and sell them on threadless as shirts, stickers, notebooks, hoodies, etc...
Anyways, free shipping running through May 4th on orders of $45+US/$80INTL (which tbh is a lot for an order but it reminded me that I should at least tell people that I make these things)

Sharing some old creature art from my night of scanning in the hopes that it brightens someone's timeline.
Top Left: A concept for a demon monster for a project with friends from highschool.
Top Right: A big cute earth elemental
Bottom Left: An underfoot water elemental
Bottom Right: Concept for an alien from an ice planet.

It was the probably first reyaughi I drew, back in junior high or high school. I also scanned a redraw from college tonight.

I'm proud of my younger self for coming up with Gunbrella.

High School Me: This seems like an acceptable and unique weapon design.
Me, now: I would end up electrocuting myself with that, 100%. Nunchaku from hell. No one survives training with that weapon, and if you see someone who does, you just run. Don't fight. Run.

Another old scan, this time of an ankhir showing off their markings.

Sharing one of my OC's from my night of scanning old art here because this is David having a bad day and he's normally just a vaguely spiky scientist sort of dude except when he turns into whatever this is.

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Good morning folks! Here's a dapper bird for your viewing pleasure.
It appears that the photo was originally hosted on and was taken by Tomasz Doroń.

This little friend has been my companion since 2013. They used to be hugging a Hachiko statue, but Hachiko disappeared one day.

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