Boat quirk: There's a window to a compartment full of ropes behind our wind instrument.

Playing with family and very much enjoying my Inox brute, Garr. Good excuse to draw a bit again.

Tried to draw ol' fang face with some reference. Details are hard. Proportions are hard. But I spent a bit drawing a thing.

Pretty jazzed for the unintentionally hilarious shirt my family wants to give me "because I live on a pirate boat".

Stumbled upon this very cool illustration after forgetting how ridiculously enormous elephant seals are.
Artist happens to have a gallery full of beautiful illustrations over on DA, definitely check out her work if you like whales:

I'm just going to be petty and enjoy this while it lasts.

The positive leads... still need to shrink the heatshrink, label, and bundle them.

Wishing you well this . Image marked sensitive for eye contact.

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I got sick of not being able to fit my phone in my pockets, so when I got new pants, I bought the men's equivalent of my favorite pants... and all this fits in the pockets comfortably along with my phone. Without using the cargo pocket.

Now with actual stuff!

About time to start building wires.

A lot of progress on this. Should be picking up terminal blocks and starting to make wire assemblies tomorrow.

My search results on amazon are starting to look like they came from wish

Just... trying to find this grommet.

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