It is very moody out. Trekked to the coffee shop after a few days of being cooped up. Feeling better today than the last few. Definitely helps that it's warmer out.

In almost exactly the same place today, but the portholes are magic this week. Happy folks :blobcatflower:

Image hidden for eye contact.



Me: The weather will be warmer in a few days, just gotta hang in there.

Also Me: 😐

Reinforcing and adding disconnects to a lighting fixture. The now-black wire was very low quality and cracking where it bent.

Some very cute ducks out this AM. Also, it is frigid and icy. They're super shy, unfortunately.

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Snow's been falling for a while and is just starting to stick. When I went to school in Phoenix, I used to drive to Flagstaff in the winter just to look at the snow.

Cannot wait until we can sail somewhere warmer for the winter.

In the meanwhile... :blobcatmorningcoffee:

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