Weather is cooperating enough to clean the boat. Someone walked by asking about their stolen dinghy, making several references to how people don't have respect these days.

On the one hand, that sucks and I hope he gets it back. On the other, I'm sorry, did you somehow magically live at least 60 years without ever hearing about or seeing anything being stolen, ever?

Millenials and Zoomers definitely did not invent stealing shit.


Boat has been washed. Dude rowed by in his recovered dinghy. Apparently someone took his dinghy off the rack when they purchased a boat as an honest misunderstanding and he told me had called 911 presumably to get the cops involved before he figured out what was going on.

He was also talking about how he couldn't afford to replace the dinghy on account of missing work b/c the virus but now he's going back... as things are getting worse in this county?

Um yeah, so... fuck that guy.

@Creaturista The chief dumbass is telling everyone it's going to be fine and it's making me sick to my stomach. :(


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